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Discussion on Article:
Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO CPU Cooler Review

Started by: StratovariuS | Date 01/19/12 09:36:24 AM
Comments: 5 | Last Comment:  11/15/12 11:08:55 AM

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Nice article. However, I'd really like to see how the EVO model stand against the Plus and the Standard Hyper 212 in "Cooling Efficiency" tests. You mentioned those models in introduction, but tests are missing.

By the way, noticed one little error, page 5:
"Thermaltake’s cooler is also superior at the same speed of the fan"
should be "Thermalright's..."
0 0 [Posted by: StratovariuS  | Date: 01/19/12 09:36:24 AM]
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Thank you, corrected!
0 0 [Posted by: Anna  | Date: 01/20/12 05:42:55 AM]

How does EVO performs compared to its predecessor 212+?
0 0 [Posted by: Allan Davidson  | Date: 01/19/12 09:26:22 PM]

I had a Cooler Master 212+ on my i5 2500K. It works okay, but the EVO reduces temperatures by about 5% C at idle or under stress at both stock turbo speed (3700) or overclocked at 4000 or 4200. Using linpac64 at maximum level, the highest temperature is 72%. It idles in high 30's overclocked and low 30's stock. I live in Hawaii so ambient temperatures are high. I use two fans on the cooler in a well ventilated Lancool case. Replaced cooler to put the older one on another machine and glad I did. I could have a stable overclock at 4200 but I'm sticking at stock just avoid extra heat. Highly recommended.;creativeASIN=B005O65JXI
1 0 [Posted by: amythompson172  | Date: 01/21/12 05:57:46 PM]

At $29 here in Canada, this silent cooler is a must in every new computers I'm building. It doesn't break any records, thats true but it's a silent solution at a price everyone can afford!
0 0 [Posted by: MHudon  | Date: 11/15/12 11:08:55 AM]


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