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Discussion on Article:
Gold and Bronze: NZXT Power Supply Units Roundup

Started by: amythompson172 | Date 02/01/12 11:34:27 AM
Comments: 15 | Last Comment:  12/21/15 11:20:13 AM


I went with the ZXT HALE90 80 Plus Gold 750 Watt Power Supply.

Power supply is universally recognized as one of the best available by numerous professional hardware review websites. It maintains energy efficiency under light and heavy loads (many PSUs lose their efficiency at one or the other). It is very quiet. It provides good and consistent power; my system has been perfectly stable with it. The modular system is well implemented. It really is worth every penny.;creativeASIN=B003YFIUEG
1 0 [Posted by: amythompson172  | Date: 02/01/12 11:34:27 AM]


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