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TRENDnet TEW-692GR 450Mbps Concurrent Dual Band Wireless N Router and TEW-680MB HD Media Bridge Review

Started by: 457r4l | Date 02/04/12 08:55:53 AM
Comments: 19 | Last Comment:  07/20/16 11:56:31 AM


I dont have the router but the tew-680mb is great. I'm using it to extend my ceton infinitv4 over 5G from my netgear n900 to xbox360-s and it has high enough bandwidth to watch live hdtv.
0 0 [Posted by: 457r4l  | Date: 02/04/12 08:55:53 AM]

What a Router this Baby SCREAMS SPEED!!!!! The wireless speed is just amazing when paired with TEW-684UB and TEW980MB. The speed is the same as wired connections. When watching a video streaming there is no lag, instant playing of the video. Netflicks loads faster and streams without a hipcup. I never thought a wireless connection could be this good. I have become a TRENDnet 5 star fan!!!!! If you like to stream this is the router you want!!!!!;creativeASIN=B005B111II
0 0 [Posted by: amythompson172  | Date: 02/04/12 02:49:12 PM]

I see this device has UFL connectors, but what are those other ones... are those MC CARD connectors or what?

0 0 [Posted by: dadox  | Date: 05/27/12 05:54:35 PM]


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