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Discussion on Article:
Intel Core i5-760 CPU Review

Started by: BernardP | Date 09/17/10 11:25:44 AM
Comments: 16 | Last Comment:  12/19/15 02:49:42 AM

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Thanks Ilya for this review. It's the first one I have seen for the i5-760, which seems to have been released to near-total indifference. I have learned new things reading your review.

It would be interesting to know the maximum overclock on stock voltage, as well as the behavior of the Turbo when overclocking.

Yes, it's better to wait for Sandy Bridge, but if my system died today, I would build a new one with the i5-760 and a nice mATX USB 3.0 motherboard. As your value graph shows, the i5-760 is pretty much the current sweet spot amongts Intel CPUs.
0 0 [Posted by: BernardP  | Date: 09/17/10 11:25:44 AM]

Some of the gaming results look graphics-limited between the 750/760/860. Did you test at lower resolution/settings to confirm they aren't? Or is it that the chips turbo boost to the same speed?
0 0 [Posted by: sanity  | Date: 09/17/10 03:28:44 PM]

You should have test with an Q9650 also. The Q9500 is just garbage compared with new gen procs.
0 1 [Posted by: TAViX  | Date: 09/18/10 01:40:40 AM]

Here is more benchmark of game and 3dmark AMD vs Intel 1055 T vs Core I7 860 both CPU clocked on 4 Ghz on ATI HD 5870

As we see Call of Pripyat dont look good for Intel CPU.
0 0 [Posted by: Blackcode  | Date: 09/19/10 03:26:13 AM]

It seems that we got another good processor which more powerful than AMD Phenom X6 1055T. From the article, I think I should buy one in recent weeks.
0 0 [Posted by: Vallwesture  | Date: 09/20/10 04:08:56 AM]
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0 0 [Posted by: Blackcode  | Date: 09/21/10 03:06:51 PM]


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