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Discussion on Article:
Netgear WNDR3800 Premium Edition Router Review

Started by: bambam | Date 02/29/12 02:29:39 AM
Comments: 16 | Last Comment:  06/29/16 03:46:28 PM


What is missing is a USB 3.0 port!!
0 0 [Posted by: bambam  | Date: 02/29/12 02:29:39 AM]

This router has some serious issues with firmware which has gone through plenty of revisions already.
I experienced drops of internet, WiFi 2.4 and poor signal range. None of which happens all the time but has not been corrected as yet and Netgear forums show a history of users with these issues.
This is not a good router.
0 0 [Posted by: jescott418  | Date: 09/09/12 05:47:53 PM]


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