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Discussion on Article:
D'Artagnan and Three Musketeers: Xigmatek Prime vs. Three Thermalright Coolers

Started by: beenthere | Date 04/13/12 06:47:56 AM
Comments: 5 | Last Comment:  04/15/12 09:57:12 AM

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The Prime looks to be a veryquiet solution with it's supplied fan vs. the ultimate cooling solution. The Xigmatek Aegir SD128264 is their ultimate cooler at the moment and very capable and still quiet. With dual fans it can equal a Corsair H100 at up to 345w thermal load.
0 0 [Posted by: beenthere  | Date: 04/13/12 06:47:56 AM]


Thanks for another great cooler review.

My experience with Xigmatek is that service after the sale is poor. The US office doesn't seem to even respond to emails. And the product (as you find) is now only average.
0 0 [Posted by: Papoulka  | Date: 04/13/12 06:59:07 AM]
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Unfortunately with most Asian based companies, support in the U.S. sucks no matter what the company is IME.

As far as the Xigmatek coolers go, they have a quality unit for most any application as does Thermalright and several other mfgs. There is plenty of objective test data for people to use to figure out what HSF works best for them.
0 0 [Posted by: beenthere  | Date: 04/13/12 08:02:18 PM]
Not a good source.

"Results based on readings from a 30x30mm copper interface die with 150W and 85W"

1) At extreme voltage, CPUs draw more than 150W.

2) CPU heatspreader may be close to 30x30mm, but it's the die underneath and node process that can affect temperatures even more. If transistors are very tightly packed and the die is smaller, then its harder for heat to dissipate. Case and point IVB runs way hotter than SB. Frostytech's tests wouldn't show that.

3) Position of the die under the heatspreader. Some coolers have 5-6 heatpipes which often don't help with smaller CPUs such as LGA1155 but are much more effective with larger die CPUs such as the LGA2011. Again, this wouldn't show up in their testing.

Overall, it's always better to test CPU coolers on the actual CPU, rather than perform a synthetic heat test on copper.

Xbitlabs does much better CPU cooler reviews in this regard.

You can even tell Frostytech's results are off since NH-D14 is far superior to the C-14 cooler.
2 0 [Posted by: BestJinjo  | Date: 04/14/12 05:49:34 PM]
From personal experience, Xigmatek products are mediocre at best. Then again, I stop using their products once I found that (long time ago). But looking the occasional Xigmatek reviews at xbitlabs, not much has changed.
0 0 [Posted by: jonup  | Date: 04/15/12 09:57:12 AM]


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