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Discussion on Article:
AMD Radeon HD 7770 GHz Edition and Radeon HD 7750 Graphics Cards Review

Started by: mmoldrup | Date 04/25/12 12:30:20 AM
Comments: 9 | Last Comment:  03/06/14 07:06:17 AM

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Hmm. the effiency of this card is what makes it great. You don't emphasize this enough in the conclusion.
3 2 [Posted by: mmoldrup  | Date: 04/25/12 12:30:20 AM]
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1. People buy videocards to play videogames or perform other tasks such as GPU video encoding, GPGPU computing. For those purposes, 20-30 watts savings that may be achieved with 7750/7770 do not justify their weak gaming performance relative to HD6850/6870/GTX560. Furthermore, for people who don't play games, APUs inside A8 or even Ivy Bridge are more than sufficient for GPU encoding to iPad/smartphone and for basic gaming such as Starcraft 2 and Portal 2.

2. HD7750/7770 series isn't fast enough for modern games and at the same time they aren't priced low enough either. Specifically, $120 HD6850 > HD7770. That tells us just how lackluster the HD7750/7770 series is:

HD6850 came out in October 2010, or almost 1.5 years ago (!). There is absolutely no way to justify HD7770 when for similar $, HD6850 is better and for $10-15 more HD6870 mops the floor with it.

Prices should have been $79 for HD7750 and $109 for HD7770. Another way to look at it is that HD7770 is only 35% faster than HD5770 despite launching more than 2.5 years later. That can only be described as pathetic - performance has stagnated at the low end of desktop discrete GPUs.
1 3 [Posted by: BestJinjo  | Date: 04/25/12 11:08:39 AM]
Wait till stocks of 68xx are cleared. Until that point of course 77xx will be more expensive than should be - AMD doesn't want to interfere with stock clearing. Smart move, I'd say - and it's not exactly the first time it happened - remember 4870 vs 5770?
2 1 [Posted by: rrr  | Date: 04/25/12 02:51:35 PM]
This has always happened with new graphics cards. However, you are acting as if 7770 and 7750 have little to no potential to game, which is completely wrong, especially in this era of console ports. I can't think of a single game that the 7770 cannot run well.
2 0 [Posted by: mmstick  | Date: 04/29/12 06:06:30 AM]

While knowing that 7770 as of this publishing date are routinely found on Newegg for $130 you’re a little late with the hypothesis against a GTX560 1Gb that are hovering closer to $170 (each with rebates). Then the bigger issue is the GTX560, are yes 256-Bit and require two 6-pin, today not any real surprise it beats it. It would have been a fairer contest for the GTX550Ti to be used and shown, as that Nvidia's more competitively priced/spec'd part.
3 1 [Posted by: Casecutter  | Date: 04/25/12 03:08:06 PM]

just a side note

you say the 7850 is basically overpriced and 57% more than the 7770.

however for non-AA the average is 52.7%

once you turn on AA that % goes even higher
the 7850 is priced properly in comparison to the 7770
0 0 [Posted by: ultimaone  | Date: 05/01/12 09:30:37 PM]

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