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Discussion on Article:
OCZ Vertex 4 256 GB and 512 GB Solid State Drives Review

Started by: Redshark | Date 05/29/12 11:36:12 AM
Comments: 13 | Last Comment:  12/16/15 10:19:43 PM

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Could you guy's test the Vertex 4, in a laptop or two. I hear there are some problems with the drive being recognized on first boot, due to the systems starting faster than the drive, resulting in BSOD on resume.

2 1 [Posted by: Redshark  | Date: 05/29/12 11:36:12 AM]

I've been waiting for something faster than Corsair 240 Gb GT for my first SDD ever. So I'm getting the Ocz Vertex 4 256 Gb.
0 0 [Posted by: TeemuMilto  | Date: 05/30/12 08:23:43 AM]
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Ok .... define "faster" every bench out side of read/write tests put the Corsair Force GT ahead of the vertex 4's. Not by much but IMHO save your money.
1 2 [Posted by: veli05  | Date: 05/30/12 10:27:15 AM]
"Apart from the results in the first diagram, the Vertex 4 series look really good. They can offer a record-breaking speed at any write operations as well as at random reading with a long request queue depth. When reading 4KB data blocks, which is a highly popular operation in practical applications, the Indilinx Everest 2 controller secures them second place, behind the Corsair Force GT, a typical SandForce-based SSD with synchronous memory."

Sequential read 7/9

Sequential write 1/9

Random read 4 k 2/9

Random write 4 k 1/9

random read qd=32 1/9

random write qd=32 1/9

It said in no part that "every bench out side of read/write tests put the Corsair Force GT ahead of the vertex 4's". One read was 7/9 position, one read was 2/9, one read was 1/9 and all three writes were FIRST with about 20 - 40 % difference in speed to even Corsair 240 GT. That's how I define faster.
1 0 [Posted by: TeemuMilto  | Date: 06/02/12 03:49:52 AM]

I hope there won't be that many hassles with those as there were with previous OCZ drives - that made me go Crucial.
0 1 [Posted by: rrr  | Date: 05/30/12 10:17:46 AM]

Where's the supercapacitor referred in the article, I can't spot it in the pictures? If you're referring to the component L6 (with Coilcraft's logo and "102F", that seems to be a 1 ┬ÁH inductor.
1 0 [Posted by: oh8hql  | Date: 05/30/12 12:48:45 PM]
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Because it does not have one!

I e-mailed OCZ:

"No, the Vertex 4 series does not have this feature.

Tom Wong
Director, Sales

Bad reporting by xbit.
0 0 [Posted by: Morgan Robertson  | Date: 05/28/13 06:27:37 PM]

I read it better and I know now that it is slower than Force GT in real software but a lot better after TRIM. COrsair Force GT and other models slow down after usage. Vertex 4 doesn't slow down AT ALL. That's why I choose this SSD, or something faster.
0 0 [Posted by: TeemuMilto  | Date: 07/27/12 10:28:16 AM]


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