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Discussion on Article:
Chaintech Enters the SFF PC Market: IMO-Desk I651U Review

Started by: tantryl | Date 02/19/04 08:48:00 PM
Comments: 21 | Last Comment:  12/11/15 03:23:56 PM

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Since when is this a SFF?

It's a desktop replacement notebook. They've been around for ages. The thing that sets SFF's apart is the fact they can accept regular PCI, AGP, Optical and other devices - not just specialised laptop ones.

ECS have had their DeskNote for ages, and I don't think anyone ever called it an SFF.
0 0 [Posted by:  | Date: 02/19/04 08:48:00 PM]
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please, read the article more attentively! IMO-Desk has nothing in common with a notebook except the exterior. That is why it cannot be considered a desktop replacement notebook.
0 0 [Posted by:  | Date: 02/20/04 03:36:50 AM]

I have a mini desktop PC Chaintech IMO-DESK.I use it for my work as video AND SOUND arrager and still now i'm very satisfy but my problem is my motherboard.When I turn on my mini dektop, there's no signal or led of power is on. Please HELP ME.CAN YOU GIVE ME A SOLUTION? MUST I BUY A NEW MOTHERBOARD? WHERE CAN I BUY IT? PLEASE HELP IMAIL adress: THINK YOU
0 0 [Posted by: kekely  | Date: 03/20/10 04:28:37 AM]


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