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Discussion on poll "What high-end smartphone would you buy this year?"

Comments: 5 | Last Comment:  09/28/12 11:22:14 PM


I would not buy any "smartphone" without real physical qwerty keyboard.

Nokia N950, HC desire Z, Droid 4 would be possible options, but unfortunately desire Z is getting old, N950 is not sold and Droid 4 is only sold in USA and with operator lock.
0 0 [Posted by: hkultala  | Date: 09/15/12 02:28:52 AM]

Can you change the Galaxy Note to Galaxy Note 2 please, I bet you might find a lot more votes for it!
0 0 [Posted by: ozegamer  | Date: 09/18/12 12:19:08 AM]

I'm just waiting for Lumia 920 to show up, once it does, I will happily dump my SGS III and android for good.
0 1 [Posted by: Aquanox  | Date: 09/26/12 12:14:40 AM]

iPhone. For people who like buying $50 USB cables.
0 0 [Posted by: user99  | Date: 09/27/12 11:31:33 AM]

I just stick with my dumb phone. Do not need to look at my e-mail while I am out. Also I do not play Game Boy and I did not own one when I was a kid, so a smartphone for me low on the list. I do not need no stick`n smartphone to function.
0 0 [Posted by: tecknurd  | Date: 09/28/12 11:22:14 PM]


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