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Discussion on Article:
Sony Debuts Smaller and Lighter PlayStation 3.

Started by: jmlxg | Date 09/19/12 08:17:26 AM
Comments: 10 | Last Comment:  10/04/12 03:30:56 AM

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wow even with all these newer shrinking process still leaves a pretty hefty power consumption.
1 2 [Posted by: goury  | Date: 09/19/12 08:49:29 AM]

$269 for a 6-year-old console, going on 7 years old next year. $299 for a 500GB one? Wow, talk about a money grab. At this point if I was in the market for a new console, I'd rather get a Wii U for $299 and spend $60 for an external 500GB hard drive. 256mb system ram / 256mb VRAM is dead end for gaming. This console was meant to target emerging markets and budget consumers after PS4 launches. Sony will drop this to $149-199 level eventually to reach markets they wouldn't have been able to otherwise with PS4.

Personally, it saddens me how console buyers are so technically uneducated that they are willing to spend $269-299 on a 6-year-old console. I mean don't these consumers realize that within 12-18 months there probably will be a next Xbox / PS4 for $399-449? Why would you waste $300 into a console that's obsolete in nearly a year?

In the past near the EOL, we would see a console at $99-$149. Sony and MS are really ripping the consumer off right now but I guess you can't blame them when the consumer is stupid enough to keep handing over $270-300 for a 6-year-old console.

At the very least they could have upgraded the Wi-Fi to 802.1n, upgraded the hard drives to 250/500 and dropped the prices to $199/$249 (even then I'd consider it overpriced).
3 3 [Posted by: BestJinjo  | Date: 09/19/12 09:25:38 AM]
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Beautifully said! It's way over-priced and the revised hardware has nothing compelling to offer. The Age of Mediocrity in the console space... has begun.
1 0 [Posted by: Molecular  | Date: 09/19/12 01:33:34 PM]
Microsoft is even worse. They are still charging $400 US at BestBuy for a 250GB Xbox360 + Kinect.

Considering Kinect 2.0 is rumored to be integrated into the next Xbox, and I doubt MS will charge $600 for the next Xbox, my guess is a next generation Xbox with Kinect 2.0 won't be more than $500. $400 for a 7-year-old Xbox360 sounds absurd! How are consumers still paying these prices?
0 2 [Posted by: BestJinjo  | Date: 09/19/12 05:28:03 PM]
Psst, they did upgrade to 250/500GB & dropped prices.

What would you do with 802.11n wireless? It sounds nice I'd like it too. What would you like to transfer? Gigabit Ethernet would be kick ass. But in reality what I want is the ability to stream from a PC. Copying files over a network (minus gigabit eth) takes a lot more time, than just watching them from where-ever they are. We need solutions that allow this. Otherwise a sneaker-net of carrying flash drives is easier, than downloading over a network (wireless or otherwise).

I can tell you have a good head on your shoulders. But your views don't include the fact that this is also the most advanced Blu-ray player on the market (repeated endless, but have mercy on those who buy a dedicated Blu-ray player, that doesn't include gaming & and storage). Sony placing 250-500GB of storage on this drive, also means TiVo, Netflix, etc functionality is on the table.
With a browser it is a full on PC.
Sony, could Strike a deal with Google. And their common Unix-like framework could work out. (YellowDog & Android)

+ 500GB Notebook HDD (Not a heavy block)
+ Internet Streaming Services,
+ 3D Video
+ DVD & Blu-ray
+ 3D Gaming

If you've already got one, I can understand. You have to justify why not to upgrade like an iPhone clone. But if you don't have a console, DVD, or Blu-ray, player... this may be the very best deal there is.

We always want cheaper. But the American Government or Industry fight quietly to keep control of the market and what technologies we are allowed to have. I believe in delivering the best product. If you want that to happen, then stop blaming Sony and find out what rules, lawsuits, and other things are happening to stop you from getting what you want!

Apple sued Samsung for $1Billion dollars because the Samsung GalaxyS3 might be a better phone than the iPhone5. That Billion Dollars can only be paid by charging customers more. Your wallet has to get larger every time there is an excessive lawsuit for damages that never happened. Our wallets suffer because of people stopping companies like Sony from offering more than competitors want.

I hope Samsung gets the $1B fine removed as unjust or excessive. So that you and I will be able to afford products like Super AMOLED Plus! ~ Without that fine We could all own Super Retina displays on our PC's tablets, etc.

Don't blame Sony. Petition those who would stop Sony & Samsung from giving you what you want at the price you can afford. If people don't petition the courts, then $300+Extra has to be charged to you 3.4Million times before you can buy a $300 device for less than $600.


Damn.... WTF, Apple??? They just asked a Judge for the $1Billion to be tripled to $3Billion???

Seriously... Who the F* can afford to pay off
three billion by charging their customers for Apples greed? Who thinks consumers should protect this in order to have an alternative to the iPhone or afford to buy a Computer Display that uses Samsung panels???
0 0 [Posted by: Neil_in_Florida  | Date: 09/21/12 02:20:25 AM]

Oh yes, 300 dollars for 7 year old hardware with 0 innovation and 0 upgrades or differences.
1 0 [Posted by: Filiprino  | Date: 09/19/12 11:21:05 AM]

Well i'll be buying one since some pos stole mine from my apartment.
1 0 [Posted by: SteelCity1981  | Date: 09/20/12 02:05:47 AM]
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I may get one as well since my BD drive is dead (or the controller for it) so can't play... replacement drive is about $120 and may not fix my problem so I think I'll wait for one of these to be on sale for just over $200 AU (like the 160GB slim was this year) and pick one up, oh and a 500GB drive for < $85 so it's useful!
1 0 [Posted by: crakd  | Date: 09/20/12 08:58:53 PM]

The Sony PS3 is fantastic. I am just loving the experience of using it from the day i bought it. Same is true for as well, I redecorated my house using illuminaries from here and anyone sees it is quite impressed by the functionality.

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0 0 [Posted by: tomherry253  | Date: 10/04/12 03:30:56 AM]


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