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Numerology: Antec System Cases Roundup

Started by: fumigato | Date 09/20/12 02:55:08 PM
Comments: 15 | Last Comment:  12/21/15 11:17:16 AM


Perhaps take note that the feet on the p280 are incredibly fickle and prone to breakage. They also don't take like to stay in their hole, the bastards. I feel a bit disappointed after purchasing this case, since I now have to support it with books to keep the PSU in fresh air.

As for having advanced soundproofing, it sure is let down by its 12cm fans, which whoop about with a frustrating level of loudness. I've found that by disabling the two tops fans reduces the noise significantly, and seems to have no effect on temperatures in my system at all. I suppose I must experiment with lower RPM fans to find some that are truly silentish.

Above all, remember: the feet on this case are frickin' trash and it angers me to have their holdy-stem break into worthlessness in mere days of ownership.
0 0 [Posted by: fumigato  | Date: 09/20/12 02:55:08 PM]

Antec touts the Eleven Hundred case in Antec's own words as "The new flagship in Antec's Gaming series, the Eleven Hundred, brings ultimate gaming builds to life". Further Antec states that this case is designed to hold an XL-ATX mother board.

Yet Xbitlabs' review of the Antec Eleven Hundred case is very disappointing because Xbitlabs failed to mentioned two critical problems with this case when building a gaming or an over-clocking system.

First, Xbitlabs did not test and report on how well a tall CPU air cooler would work in this case. For example trying fitting a Phanteks PH-TC14PE_BL cooler into the Eleven Hundred case. Judging by the photos, it appears that Xbitlabs just through in a ZALMAN CNPS9500A-LED CPU cooler giving a misleading indication about the case's interior size with respect to CPU coolers.

Second, once a high quality air CPU cooler has been found that will fit into the case (e.g. Noctua NH-D14), try installing two 120mm case fans onto the left side panel and closing the case up. The fans sit too high on the side panel and bump into the CPU cooler. If you are planning to install two SLI ready graphics cards into this case, it would be nice to have the side panel case fans available for the extra ventilation.

With these two flaws with the Eleven Hundred case, Xbitlabs conclusion misleads the reader about the potential for this case as overclocker's case or as a gaming case.

I expect more from an Xbitlabs review and/or report and in respect to this review Xbitlabs failed to deliver.
0 0 [Posted by: lab_notes  | Date: 10/16/12 09:10:36 PM]


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