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Discussion on Article:
“Cool” and “Quiet” or Anti-Extreme Overclocking Experience

Started by: broadsword | Date 02/27/04 12:38:14 PM
Comments: 61 | Last Comment:  12/09/16 10:47:20 AM

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If you really want to have an ‘ultimately quiet’ solution, then don’t have to worry about Korean Zalman and noise dampeners cause they simply don’t work. I have four disks (440GB) and a few vents (Zalman & Enermax) set at lowest setting, including with the one in the PSU, but it’s still like having a Hoover beside you. I just couldn’t work like that, so I had to buy myself a pile of earplugs.

I felt like a physical worker at a construction site!!!

Seriously, to make a really silent solution is so simple. I just can’t figure it out why people don’t “propagate” it more: you don’t have to have your Hoover next to you – it can be in another room, pantry, basement or heating room!!! Your new NVIDIA and 3+GHz monsters can scare lettuce in your pantry or intimidate firewood while letting your ears rest!!!

You just have to drill a hole in a wall (or if you have a chimney you don’t use it anymore -;>) and/or buy a few 10 meter cables: for VGA/DVI monitor, PS/2 and USB. You have to be careful when buying VGA cable, because are there lots of cables that really suck. The one I have runs seamlessly at 1280x1024 at 100Hz. You make 10m USB with 2 5m cables + 2USB hubs; and done!

The loudest ‘device’ currently residing in my working room is my radiator!!!

Lean onto Leanux –
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Man crazy!!!

Get a nice aluminium case,with quiet low rpms fans, with shocks for hdds. Get zalman cooler for cpu, and a "silent" psu....

Mine is whisper quiet - and thats with 2ghz overclocked xp athlon, and 2x 120gb hdds etc - and a stock crucial radeon 9700 pro

Ok - i might have cheated a little - I spend a few bucks on acoustic silent pc kit (ie sticky foam) - but its not that expensive or hard to build a quiet pc in this way without having to put your pc up a chimney or go nuts reducing voltages !
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