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Discussion on Article:
AMD Trinity for Desktops. Part 1: Graphics Core

Started by: gamoniac | Date 09/26/12 10:33:02 PM
Comments: 158 | Last Comment:  09/01/16 05:51:49 PM

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This is a really nice review, Ilya. Well worth the sleep that I am giving up. Thanks. I can't wait to read the full performance analysis.
6 2 [Posted by: gamoniac  | Date: 09/26/12 10:33:02 PM]

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2 5 [Posted by: Azazel  | Date: 09/26/12 11:01:54 PM]

hasewell has its work cut out for it in the gpu side.
7 1 [Posted by: SteelCity1981  | Date: 09/27/12 03:00:31 AM]
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Haswell has no chance for APU against AMD since even if it delivers faster performance, Kaveri will respond right back. Also, Intel would need to put the fastest GT3 GPU into their Core i3 since Trinity and Kaveri CPUs will compete at below $130 price level. Having faster Haswell GPU in Core i5/i7 is of little use since those parts don't compete with AMD's APUs.

From what I've read GT3 SKU will be strictly for mobile Haswell parts. That means Core i3 Haswell parts on the desktop will be saddled with the much weaker GT1/GT2s.

For an HTPC or a budget gaming rig without spending > $80 for a discrete GPU such as 7750, Trinity and Kaveri should be the ticket.

Of course for more serious gamers, the x86 CPU performance will be lacklustre but Trinity isn't meant for those users.
6 6 [Posted by: BestJinjo  | Date: 09/27/12 11:40:07 AM]

More good news for mainstream consumers who equal 95% of the PC market. That's where the money is made.
8 7 [Posted by: beenthere  | Date: 09/27/12 06:29:38 AM]

Even as the heart of a media-center, AMD APU will hardly withstand the competition.

I disagree unless you are running a media center in a larger case. My media center build out is about the size of a Wii and handles everything I ask of it.
2 1 [Posted by: KeyBoardG  | Date: 09/27/12 08:21:33 AM]

Solid review Ilya, Yous presented benches as is which is all we can really ask for.
4 2 [Posted by: veli05  | Date: 09/27/12 08:34:25 AM]

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3 8 [Posted by: calzahe  | Date: 09/27/12 08:42:55 AM]
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AMD desktop APUs are intended for those who don't want to spend the extra money for discrete GPUs. AMD's current desktop APUs are entry level or slightly above, desktop solutions. In the not too distant future AMD will release desktop APUs that are mid-range and eventually high-end APUs that will satisfy even those who have been buying discrete GPUs over the years. The performance and cost/power savings will be substantial making AMD desktop APUs mainstream for desktops and even in servers, where they were never intended for but have proven to be excellent solutions.

FYI- Ivy Bridge laptop does not offer equal performance to Trinity let alone better battery life. Intel wishes they could keep up with AMD's Trinity laptop in overall system performance and battery life. Intel laptop APUs may offer more number crunching power but few consumers actually need or desire more number crunching power than Trinity.

As far as process nodes go, Intel dropped from 32nm to 22nm with Ivy Bridge and got a whopping ~5% gain over Sandy Bridge. AMD got more than 5% improvement with Trinity and Vishera without changing node size. The only thing Intel got from IB laptop was lower power consumption so that they are closer to AMD's Trinity laptop APUs.

As far as next gen Kaveri, no one needs 4-channel DRAM for laptop or desktop use. It has some advantage for servers as does DDR4, but dual-channel DDR3 @ 1333 MHz. does NOT bottleneck current desktops and won't for years to come.

You need to read better sources of APU/CPU technical information as you are quite confused on the specifics.

According to the archair experts... AMD has been going out-of-business for the past 40 years, in spite of the fact they actually make money and meet the needs of millions of consumers - every month. AMD isn't going bankrupt or out-of-Biz because they continue to provide quality products and excellent value. That's reality.
6 6 [Posted by: beenthere  | Date: 09/27/12 12:19:37 PM]
AMD should release desktop APUs that are mid-range and high-end next year otherwise they'll risk to become way below competition quickly.

If Trinity laptop battery life and performance would be better than Ivy Bridge than AMD 's market share in laptops would me much higher now... Even laptop manufacturers are offering just a few options with Trinity comparing with hundreds of options with Intel Inside, Nvidia Optimus and Ultrabooks... Ivy Bridge improved graphics a lot and reduced power consumption what was enough to almost swipe away AMD from laptop market.

4-channel memory at >2400 MHz Is the only way to feed the middle or high end GPUs embedded into APUs before on-die memory or 3D stacked memory will appear at 14nm or below. And considering that DDR4 will consume much less energy than DDR3 it'll be perfect memory for laptops and not only for servers.

For the past 40 years AMD stayed in the shadow of Intel because Intel needed it. But now competition from ARM (Qualcomm, Nvidia, Samsung, Apple...) is much more dangerous for Intel so it doesn't need AMD anymore. So unless AMD makes some drastic improvements next year unfortunately it may disappear soon enough.
2 1 [Posted by: calzahe  | Date: 09/27/12 01:18:54 PM]
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1 5 [Posted by: keysplayer  | Date: 09/27/12 09:21:13 PM]

The fact is that with Intel you must pay 2 times for GPU (GPU of SB or IB is bad so you have to buy a discrete GPU).With Trinity you do not have to pay 2 times for the GPU in order to play almost any contemporary 3D games in FullHD resolution.Calculation is very simple.
I have the impression that the Trinity will be great for game console.
2 1 [Posted by: Blackcode  | Date: 09/27/12 05:11:12 PM]

on page 7, you wrote:
>>>> It is a very convincing argument that you can easily boost the gaming performance of your AMD A10-5800K processor by as much as 15-20% by simply replacing the common DDR3-1600 with DDR3-2400 in your Socket FM2 system.

well! That sentence should logically be followed by a cost comparison:
a) what is the cost to "upgrade" from DDR3-1600 to DDR3-2400? Actually, we'd like to see all price points: DDR3-1866, DDR3-2133 and lastly DDR3-2400. We know that DDR3-2400 will be horrendously expensive.

b) Therefore, one must also consider the tradeoff between using this ultra-expensive DDR3-2400 memory vs just buying an AMD PCIe graphics card to boost overall gfx performance significantly. (in a few months HD7770 could drop to $99 or less)

0 1 [Posted by: phileasfogg  | Date: 09/27/12 10:36:36 PM]
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Memory is quite cheap now, you can find good DDR3 2133MHz 4GB 2x2GB modules for around 40usd for current 2 channel memory APUs, so you'll need to add just 40usd for another 4GB 2x2GB modules for the 4 channel memory APUs, but if done properly these APUs will be able to use 8GB of Memory. It means that for extra 40USD the new APU would be able to use 8GB of memory what is much more than 3-4GB in current monster video cards which cost 500-600usd. Also for around 100-150usd you can get DDR3 2133MHz 16GB 4x4GB.

Can you imagine the level of next-gen graphics if APUs will be able to fully utilise 8GB, 16GB or even 32GB of 4 channel system memory!!!
2 1 [Posted by: calzahe  | Date: 09/27/12 11:30:00 PM]

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0 4 [Posted by: fanbanlo  | Date: 09/28/12 03:34:37 PM]
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The fail is strong in this post.
1 0 [Posted by: rrr  | Date: 09/29/12 03:42:16 AM]

Excellent review of AMD Trinity, with Anadtech review ,best reviews on internet.So big + for Xbit.
5 1 [Posted by: Blackcode  | Date: 09/29/12 05:40:03 AM]

Good review Xbitlabs ! +10
1 2 [Posted by: 3Dkiller  | Date: 10/01/12 06:09:04 PM]

I used to post here all the time and on other sites. Spent years helping people and enguaging in technical discussion.
The comments section is for discussion about the article


Completely sick of you idiots insulting each other. Do that on FB or Twitter. You used to be able to learn from the comments section. Now all you learn is that 80% of you have no life away from your computer. If you ever get off it. Few facts and all personal opinion.

My apologies to those here who actually take this section seriously and stay on topic. I know you're sick of it too.
1 1 [Posted by: oldengineer  | Date: 10/06/12 02:31:50 AM]


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