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Discussion on Article:
Zalman CNPS14X CPU Cooler Review

Started by: Boot | Date 11/01/12 02:28:05 PM
Comments: 24 | Last Comment:  07/13/16 10:51:00 AM

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Thanks for providing us the best Cpu cooler bench in the world!
Nowhere we have so precise reviews!

If i look at the over-clocking chart the leader stay the same
Archon is definitely the best combo / Silence / performance / price

2 0 [Posted by: Boot  | Date: 11/01/12 02:28:05 PM]
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While these reviews are decent, there are several other websites that specialize in HSF reviews that do as well or better including Frosty Tech that uses multiple themal loads and CPU die sizes to get a better perspective on the HSFs true performance for the various applications. Their extensive HSF database allows a nice and easy compariosn of the thermal efficiency of most of the popular HSFs.
1 2 [Posted by: beenthere  | Date: 11/02/12 07:15:15 AM]

Their technique is wildly obsolete also anything the general with real processors and platforms has no.
2 0 [Posted by: Jordan  | Date: 11/02/12 08:30:37 AM]
Frostytech here...Frostytech there. If you really love their Method, then I believe you've never change your Spire Thermax Eclipse II forever. (Or maybe your beloved Aegir)
2 0 [Posted by: jpunk  | Date: 11/06/12 06:39:53 AM]
I'm not very sure for the price. But for Silence/performance/non-Bulk Combo than I can't agree more. Really love Archon.
0 0 [Posted by: jpunk  | Date: 11/06/12 06:31:00 AM]

The Zalman is a decent HSF but not the best value when you can buy the superior Xigmatek Aegir for $59.95. In addition the cost of better fans makes the Zalman and other HSFs a very poor value. I mean when you need (3) fans to cool a CPU properly, you have a mediocre heatsink.;Tpk=Xigmatek%20SD128264
1 2 [Posted by: beenthere  | Date: 11/02/12 07:12:02 AM]
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Efficiency of Xigmatek Aegir is very far from Zalman and others tested by us before coolers.
It is not necessary to write this insufficiently effective cooler in comments to each article.
1 0 [Posted by: Jordan  | Date: 11/02/12 08:32:06 AM]
Zalman CNPS14X can be found for $39 at Directron:
1 0 [Posted by: BestJinjo  | Date: 11/13/12 03:26:18 PM]

Hi there, Thanks for the comparison, but i don't know witch one to buy: The True Spirit 140 or the CNPS14X.

My question is, regarding this picture:

The CNPS14X is using one or 3 fans?

Thank you.
0 0 [Posted by: jjmaia  | Date: 02/08/13 07:07:57 AM]


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