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Discussion on Article:
Silicon Power Velox V60 120 GB and Transcend SSD720 128 GB SSD Review

Started by: OmegaHuman | Date 11/13/12 07:27:29 AM
Comments: 10 | Last Comment:  11/29/16 07:55:56 AM


Two different manufacturers, slightly different storage capacity, but absolutely identical hardware based on LSI SF-2281 controller inside

This SF2281 is SandForce chip no matter what LSI acquired them twelve mont ago. And those slightly different capacity ar in fact same capacity just differently marketed. Didnt you try to format them? And where does that take us: around 120GB.
0 0 [Posted by: OmegaHuman  | Date: 11/13/12 07:27:29 AM]


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