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Discussion on Article:
LG G2 HDTVs Get OnLive Cloud Video Game Streaming Service.

Started by: Bo_Fox | Date 11/17/12 06:04:05 PM
Comments: 1 | Last Comment:  11/17/12 06:04:05 PM


This has got me intrigued -

How is the streaming quality? Perfect 1080p without any compression artifacts like with cable TV? Are the graphics settings in the games maxed out? Does it run at 60 fps? 120fps for 120Hz output? Support stereo-3D?

What's total input lag (aside from ping times which would vary by location)?

EDIT- I just found that it's PASSIVE 3D (using passive glasses). I've seen them at Best Buy and the 3D quality frankly sucks.
0 0 [Posted by: Bo_Fox  | Date: 11/17/12 06:04:05 PM]


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