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Discussion on Article:
Intel’s Haswell Could Be Last Interchangeable Desktop Microprocessors - Report.

Started by: exodeus | Date 11/22/12 02:55:51 AM
Comments: 85 | Last Comment:  09/26/16 03:10:24 PM

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i?l w8 until bga128 come out with 128 bits cpu before i make my up grade because my old i7-920 is already 64 nits. just have to w8 for 128 or 512 nits. that 512 nits is likely be 64 cores enough for my virtual box server
0 1 [Posted by: idonotknow  | Date: 11/24/12 02:08:18 PM]

seems to me it would be simple for OEMs to mount the BGA based chips to a LGA adapter
0 0 [Posted by: darue  | Date: 11/26/12 01:29:13 PM]

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