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Intel Core i7-3970X Extreme Edition Processor Review

Started by: oldDummy | Date 12/07/12 04:27:54 AM
Comments: 123 | Last Comment:  11/29/16 08:33:16 AM

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I know that the X58 chipset is "old news". I would like to see how a 980X stacks up vs the latest and greatest i7-3970X/60X. Utilizing MS WEI shows the i7-3770 can compete, somewhat, with the 980x. My question remains why there are no direct comparisons between LGA 2011 and 1366 top line processors. It seems as though Intel didn't want to be embarrassed. I suspect the delta is quite meager.
Thank You
3 0 [Posted by: oldDummy  | Date: 12/07/12 04:27:54 AM]
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I've put in 3930K as it's enough to beat 980x, as charts show.
1 0 [Posted by: rrr  | Date: 12/08/12 04:36:06 AM]
Thank you for your reply;
Those bench's show mixed results. Which was basically my point: With no competition Intel is pushing borderline improvements as "gold".
CPU performance is static with chipset advances giving modest improvement to overall usage. AMD's stumble necessitates: we need another "Hero".
2 0 [Posted by: oldDummy  | Date: 12/11/12 05:57:51 AM]

Is this just a Xeon in another guise?
2 2 [Posted by: tedstoy  | Date: 12/08/12 01:17:52 AM]

Meh, those who needs 6-core, would buy 3930K and save half a grand on CPU alone.
2 0 [Posted by: rrr  | Date: 12/08/12 04:34:51 AM]
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Bingo! Only people with a money tree would drop $1K on the 3970X. No point at all. Corporate clients would go for dual Xeons. Most 3930Ks I've seen hit 4.4-4.6ghz as well, making the 3970X a profit margin product for those who have no idea how to overclock.

I find Intel's strategy for their flagship platform is backwards. I completely understood why someone would pay extra for Socket 1366 as it came out nearly 9 months before Lynnfield on 1156. With LGA2011, Intel is actually behind their mainstream platform. Next year when Haswell launches, it will be faster in a ton of benchmarks since most programs are not multi-threaded. Haswell's projected 10% increase in IPC and IVB TIM hopefully replaced with proper solder would mean 5.0ghz+ overclocks. At that speed even IVB-E by Q3 2013 will be lame for most of us.
2 1 [Posted by: BestJinjo  | Date: 12/14/12 11:15:44 AM]
I couldn't agree more, the 3930K is the true "winner" of this entire CPU generation as far as "OVERALL CPU PERFORMANCE" is concerned (not just gaming); it delivers 98-102% (depending on benchmark) the performance of the 2x more expensive 3960X but is only 50% the cost.

I have mine running at 4.8Ghz on a Rampage IV Extreme (1.385v) with 16GB G.Skill Ripjaws-Z 2133 9-11-10-27 (OC'd to DDR3-2540 10-12-11-31 1T 1.685v), and an EVGA GTX670-FTW @ 1455core/7825mem (will be adding 2 more soon, for 3-way SLI) with an EVGA GTX550Ti 2GB for PhysX (31%core/38%mem overclock).
For a "Single-GPU" system, it performs beyond what I could ever imagine!!
I have YET to have a single slowdown in Adobe CS6, any one of the two-dozen other Video and Photo editing programs I use, any of my pro audio editing/mixing software, or even games (exception of Metro2033 @ 1440p)... EVEN WHEN I have 2-6 different instances of Photoshop open, 2 different 1080p60 videos being edited (i.e. open), 1 raw audio track being edited (fully uncompressed studio recordings, huge files about ~50MB for a 3min track, and audio quality better than DVD-Audio), and then having FireFox open with 75tabs and Chrome open with 20 tabs!!!

Sure, 8core/16thread CPU's would be nice, but I am sticking with this 3930K for a LONG time!

(PS: Temps for CPU and GPU's at Idle/Load are CPU 21C/62C, 670 19C/46C, and 550Ti 22C/49C obtained running P95 + 3dMark11 in a loop at the same time; ambient is ~17.5-18.5C)
(PPS: OC achieved with full-system watercooling: Apogee HD CPU Block, MIPS Ni/POM R4E Block, Heatkiller 680 "Hole Edition" GPU Block w Backplate, EK Universal GPU Block for 550Ti with custom backplate and EnzoTech VRAM/MOSFET/VRM heatsinks, MCP35X2 Dual-Pump w Heatsink + MCP35X Single-Pump w Heatsink (3 total), EK Multioption Res X2 250 Advanced + XSPC Dual-Bay Res, XSPC EX420 rad w 6x Bgears Blasters in Push-Pull w 140x140x7mm Phobya Shrouds on exhaust-side and 140x20mm shrouds on push side, Alphacool NeXXoS UT60 240 rad w 4x Koolance 120x25 2600rpm 107cfm/5.4mmH2O fans in push-pull with 120x20mm shrouds on push and pull sides, Alphacool XT45 280 rad w 4x Bgears Blasters 140mm push-pull using Phobya 140x7mm shrouds both sides, 2x HWLabs Black Ice GT-Stealth 1x120 rads w 2x Koolance 120x38 2600rpm fans in Push-Pull using Phobya 120x20mm on Push side and 120x7mm on Pull side, 1/2x3/4" White Tubing, and all Bitspower Rotary-Angled Fittings/Adapters and Monsoon Black Comp Fittings)
1 0 [Posted by: nleksan  | Date: 12/28/12 03:12:49 PM]

Argh, still no 8 core / 16HT i7? It wouldn't be so bad but honestly what is the point of socket 2011 until you can clearly place it as untouchable by older platforms?

I mean, would having a ~ 200W TDP so bad for your "no holds bars performance platform?" Would having a full 8/16HT i7 platform at ~ 5Ghz be too much of a threat to their xeon workstation market?

It really is looking like IF Intel ever decides to fully "fill out" 2011, it won't be until until Ivy Bridge-E and "Z79A" chipsets.

Granted I'd probably never be able to afford such a thing, but it would be cool to see - and at least give a marketing purpose for 2011 also.
2 0 [Posted by: xrror  | Date: 12/09/12 07:18:31 PM]

Just another article showing me that I made the right call in picking up the 3930K for $475... Although I am curious as to why it is missing from your articles??? The 3930K would be an excellent counter-point, as it differs only by the 3MB L3 cache and 100Mhz from the 3960X, yet in a number of performance benchmarks the 3930K is able to come out ahead!

Well, I built my system for extreme-performance AND an excellent lifespan, and Socket 2011 is delivering!
0 0 [Posted by: nleksan  | Date: 12/28/12 02:52:34 PM]


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