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Discussion on Article:
Chief Executive of AMD: We Are Not Interested in Low-Volume Customers.

Started by: Avon4Balls | Date 12/10/12 01:42:12 AM
Comments: 241 | Last Comment:  09/25/16 04:37:39 AM

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21 40 [Posted by: Avon4Balls  | Date: 12/10/12 01:42:12 AM]
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I'll let you hang yourself on your froth filled analysis.
32 24 [Posted by: linuxlowdown  | Date: 12/10/12 01:55:23 AM]
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18 31 [Posted by: tks  | Date: 12/10/12 10:30:59 PM]
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16 36 [Posted by: Avon4Balls  | Date: 12/11/12 12:31:43 AM]
You are going to have to register 18+ accounts to one up yourself on this post.
34 28 [Posted by: BestJinjo  | Date: 12/10/12 10:51:59 AM]
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18 36 [Posted by: Avon4Balls  | Date: 12/10/12 02:11:17 PM]
You haven't been paying attention Avon. Not long ago I was even arguing that AMD should divert their attention to spending time on improving drivers for modern GPUs, not wasting it on HD4800 series, or Linux. Keep believing that linuxlowdown and myself are the same person. While we agree on a lot of things, there have been plenty of times where we disagreed, such as my view that AMD should minimize its efforts on Linux drivers given their current financial state for the time being.
30 28 [Posted by: BestJinjo  | Date: 12/10/12 10:45:15 PM]
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3 29 [Posted by: Azazel  | Date: 12/11/12 11:04:21 PM]
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0 29 [Posted by: Avon4Balls  | Date: 12/12/12 12:21:25 PM]
What does that have anything to do with my post where I talked about that I am not linuxlowdown and discussed Linux?

To address your question, I would pick the HD7950 without a doubt at current prices. I am an overclocker and when 7950 is overclocked it would level the GTX660Ti into the ground.

I also play games with mods and and high MSAA, where memory bandwidth and more VRAM in games like Skyrim are critical for high performance. Once again in situations with mods (Crysis 1-2 Maldo HD, Skyrim ENB mods), HD7950 would level GTX660Ti again:

I have a large case, so fitting an 11 inch card is not a problem for me. In this comparison, the $280 HD7950 OC > $450 GTX680. For that reason if I had to choose, also knowing it comes with 3 free games that are good (Hitman, Far Cry 3 and Sleeping Dogs), I'd pick the 7950 without a doubt.

I don't know what the average consumer would prefer. If that gamer's profile is like me, as in they play with lots of mods, use MSAA and overclock, I can't see any of them taking GTX660Ti. In fact, enthusiast websites pitted GTX660Ti vs. 670 vs. HD7950 all OC to the max and GTX660Ti got destroyed by the latter 2 cards. In the hands of experienced overclockers HD7950 competes with GTX670 not GTX660Ti.

If I was someone who games at 1080P with FXAA (not MSAA), didn't use mods at all, didn't know how to overclock and my primary games were Batman or Borderlands 2 where I could use PhysX, I'd get the GTX660Ti.

But as I said, I overclock and push my hardware to the max with very high settings. HD7950 @ 1150mhz would level a GTX660Ti @ 1300mhz under the conditions in which I play games. So it's a no contest for a user like myself. The comparison would be fairer if you asked me to choose between a GTX670 and HD7950 in which case I'd take the 670, like the MSI Power Edition where I have voltage control and 1350mhz overclock on Kepler is doable. The problem is GTX670 costs as much as 7970 now. In that comparison, once again 670 would lose since an overclocked 7970 would crush it in the games I play and under high quality image settings I use:

You also forgot that the AMD card makes money bitcoin mining. Both of my cards have been paid off a long time ago with this feature. My guess is 95% of PC users don't know how to use this or set it up or have no idea what bitcoin mining is. So once again I am an extreme user who overclocks and uses hardware outside of games. For someone like myself the 660Ti would make no sense. Since the average users don't know how to overclock, think FXAA/MLAA/TXAA are actually good looking AA modes because they don't understand how AA works and wouldn't have a clue what bitcoin mining is, I can easily see GTX660Ti outselling HD7950 in the marketplace. That tells me nothing about how good GTX660Ti is for enthusiasts.
28 1 [Posted by: BestJinjo  | Date: 12/12/12 01:59:48 PM]

It's quite obvious that Read is gunning for Apple and Microsoft contracts (and perhaps an eventual sale to either of these 2 companies). This is the way computing is going. Computers are going to be concentrated within a handful of more vertically integrated big brand companies - hardware/ OS/ end product and service tie ups. That's the overwhelming current belief. Apple is leading the pack. Microsoft needs more branded and integrated hardware. HP needs to choose and implement an OS (before MS cuts them out) - likely Linux/ Redhat. There are a myriad of outcomes. The PC industry won't resemble 90's or 00's by the end of this decade, if that's an understatement.
35 25 [Posted by: linuxlowdown  | Date: 12/10/12 02:00:41 AM]
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AMD builders and enthusiasts at the IT Systems Level are the only reason AMD still exists.
Mr. Read, if you want to alienate the only people that have a means of getting your products in the Enterprise then continue with your brash idea. You are alienating 80% of AMD's IT support by what you just said.
Also ALL of the AMD fans have wondered for years why you weren't competitive in the laptop and portable markets.
I have only AMD/ATI based products (many systems) and I have put up with their sluggishness compared to a slightly higher cost Intel system, but no more thanks to your rude and ungratefull comments.
0 0 [Posted by: fdunn  | Date: 12/14/12 06:34:53 PM]

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19 33 [Posted by: Azazel  | Date: 12/10/12 02:11:47 AM]
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19 38 [Posted by: Avon4Balls  | Date: 12/10/12 02:29:19 AM]
Can I ask a simple question? What are your qualifications? I mean really, AMD getting out of PC market? This market is huge. I think something like 4 billion people are not yet connected to the internet. For now, it's a matter for AMD to win the big PC contracts over the coming few years. Read has started out well winning the contract for consoles - Wii U graphics, Xbox Next graphics and PS4 APU. No Intel HD 4000 Space Invader graphics anywhere to be seen. It's not good enough. The point being AMD has very valuable IP that it uses to its advantage, and will continue to do so. AMD has a strong pulse.
36 19 [Posted by: linuxlowdown  | Date: 12/10/12 04:37:25 AM]
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18 38 [Posted by: Avon4Balls  | Date: 12/10/12 07:38:16 AM]
i'm going to agree with linux i think the contracts from microsoft sony and nintendo to implement their hardware in these next gen consoles was huge for AMD. They not only beat out the competition in winng those bids but their mass production for that hardware will kick into high gear shortly once sony and microsofts starts producing their next gen consoles.
35 19 [Posted by: SteelCity1981  | Date: 12/10/12 08:46:05 AM]
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19 36 [Posted by: Avon4Balls  | Date: 12/10/12 08:58:34 AM]
they are already mass producing the gpu for the Wii-U and the Wii-U has sold hundreds of thousands of Wii-U's so far around the world.
32 20 [Posted by: SteelCity1981  | Date: 12/10/12 09:17:16 AM]
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19 37 [Posted by: Avon4Balls  | Date: 12/10/12 09:32:34 AM]
IBM has designed and will probably manufacture the XBox SoC, according to Semiaccurate. The PS4 chip is probably good to go - its a tweak of existing designs. Sony is not launching PS4 untill Q1 2014 though - they actually need titles to go with it.
31 19 [Posted by: linuxlowdown  | Date: 12/10/12 09:44:08 AM]
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19 35 [Posted by: Avon4Balls  | Date: 12/10/12 09:51:38 AM]
It would look that way because you are selectively deaf to any positive news about AMD. Let me shout out this - Intel is not in any upcoming console. Period.
33 21 [Posted by: linuxlowdown  | Date: 12/10/12 10:29:05 AM]
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18 36 [Posted by: Avon4Balls  | Date: 12/10/12 10:55:07 AM]
AMD being out of the high-end desktop CPU market is positive? How is that? It hurts competition and means Intel can continue charging extra $ for HT on its quad-cores, or $325 for i7-4770K next year. That's not great for us consumers. I guess you'd love it if the CPU+GPU industry became an Intel-NV monopoly?
35 30 [Posted by: BestJinjo  | Date: 12/10/12 11:07:01 AM]
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17 33 [Posted by: Avon4Balls  | Date: 12/10/12 12:27:35 PM]
Both AMD and Intel are giving up high end power guzzling CPUs. It is the low power war now. GPU compute will take over for the high end.
31 17 [Posted by: fanboyslayer  | Date: 12/10/12 09:47:05 PM]
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17 33 [Posted by: Avon4Balls  | Date: 12/11/12 01:19:13 AM]
I see looks like some trolls with 18+ accounts visited and downrated everyone who wants competition and for AMD to survive to make sure prices stay low and CPUs evolve at a decent pace. Yawn.
28 12 [Posted by: BestJinjo  | Date: 12/11/12 09:10:35 AM]
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0 31 [Posted by: Avon4Balls  | Date: 12/11/12 10:48:21 AM]
AMD competes very well in the GPU area for desktops. I think you are in denial.

Can you read a graph? Colors blue and green?
29 10 [Posted by: BestJinjo  | Date: 12/11/12 06:09:14 PM]
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1 29 [Posted by: PnoyP  | Date: 12/11/12 10:14:04 PM]
What are you talking about? I want competition from AMD but they are obviously not delivering it in the high-end CPU space. I never denied that. Let's keep CPU and GPU sectors separate. I own an Intel i7 + HD7970 CFX. I get the fastest of both worlds. I don't troll this forum and wish for AMD to die like some people. I realize where they are at and my main point is it would be a lot better if AMD remained rather than for it to disappear since at least AMD's CPUs provide some alternatives. Would you want the CPU space to be comprised of only Intel CPUs? You realize there is a possibility Intel could raise prices or innovate at a slower pace? Haswell is already shipping with identical clock speeds to i5-3570k/3770k. CPU progress for Intel itself has slowed down tremendously from Core i7 920-965 days.

Think about different usage scenarios for a consumer. Some people might spend 90% of their time multi-tasking and 10% gaming, while others might spend 10% multi-tasking and 90% gaming. For the former user, a $169 FX8320 + GTX660Ti is a better option than a $325 i7-3770 + GTX650Ti. For that reason, there are still viable reasons why AMD CPUs can make sense, even if they dont' make sense for me or other PC gamers. And that's the point, I recognize that different products fit different market niches. Other people here just hate AMD and those are the type of individuals that don't understand the value of competition.
28 2 [Posted by: BestJinjo  | Date: 12/12/12 02:13:01 PM]
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0 27 [Posted by: Avon4Balls  | Date: 12/12/12 04:48:43 PM]
well that doesn't seem to be the case because the cpu according to this article from techradar on the hardware the Next will sport a 16 core IBM power pc cpu and an AMD Radeon 7000 series GPU.

"The final console is said to contain a 16-core IBM Power PC CPU with a graphics processor on par with AMD's Radeon HD 7000-series graphics cards."
31 17 [Posted by: SteelCity1981  | Date: 12/10/12 10:15:09 AM]
That TechRadar article is from April 2012. That's outdated information.

Here are more recent rumors on the CPU - 8 core, 1.66Ghz, similar to Wii U's CPU, made by IBM.
32 28 [Posted by: BestJinjo  | Date: 12/10/12 10:23:26 AM]
Let's hope it has nothing to do with the Wii U's CPU. It's performance are reported to be abysmal!
30 19 [Posted by: MHudon  | Date: 12/10/12 12:08:11 PM]
Ya, I hope it's something else too. The last thing we'd want is for all 3 next generation consoles to be underpowered, which would lead to even more stagnation of PC gaming graphics and ugly looking console ports would set in even earlier next gen. I would much rather seem them release a more powerful quad-core than a weaker 8-core CPU with such low clocks. Even if it's an OoO architecture, those clocks are really low to be a powerful CPU. I don't recall Power PC cores having higher IPC than AMD's or Intel's CPUs either.
30 27 [Posted by: BestJinjo  | Date: 12/10/12 10:49:23 PM]
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17 31 [Posted by: Avon4Balls  | Date: 12/11/12 02:50:30 AM]
How many times do I have to repeat to you I have only bought Intel CPUs since 2006? You realize even places like Fudzilla and Semi-accurate have more informed and respectful members than you are? You should be perma-banned.
28 11 [Posted by: BestJinjo  | Date: 12/11/12 09:11:53 AM]
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19 34 [Posted by: Avon4Balls  | Date: 12/10/12 10:23:50 AM]
well it seems like they are going with an ibm cpu then if these articles hold up.

avon i'm just reporting what i have been reading if you have actual legit infomation on the final specs of the Next that was confirmed by ms then post the article.
31 18 [Posted by: SteelCity1981  | Date: 12/10/12 10:37:38 AM]
Ya exactly, even if what you linked might not be right, at least you went out to do some research instead of "producing" facts out of thin air like Avon does. Avon would have been a good Romney campaign manager.
34 29 [Posted by: BestJinjo  | Date: 12/10/12 10:49:31 AM]
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0 26 [Posted by: Avon4Balls  | Date: 12/12/12 05:04:59 PM]
Avon, the Xbitlabs members are still waiting for a reputable link to "Well microsoft is going to use an Intel CPU it has been confirmed."
34 28 [Posted by: BestJinjo  | Date: 12/10/12 10:58:38 AM]
Avon, if you consider that there's too much BS for you to read on Xbit feel free to leave! In fact you leaving you indeed help improve the quality of posts.
31 1 [Posted by: MHudon  | Date: 12/11/12 05:48:43 AM]
Ya seriously, before he joined, Xbitlabs comments section was a place where people could objectively discuss things.
30 11 [Posted by: BestJinjo  | Date: 12/11/12 09:13:00 AM]
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1 30 [Posted by: Avon4Balls  | Date: 12/11/12 11:01:27 AM]
You are wrong. Things were great before your face showed up. If I was a mod, I'd be banning you every day.
30 10 [Posted by: BestJinjo  | Date: 12/11/12 06:10:26 PM]
Stop spreading non-sense. No one has confirmed that Xbox 720 will use an Intel CPU. If you have a reputable source, link it or stop your bull$%&T.
34 28 [Posted by: BestJinjo  | Date: 12/10/12 10:21:18 AM]
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18 36 [Posted by: Avon4Balls  | Date: 12/10/12 10:25:40 AM]
So now I am SteelCity1981 and linuxlowdown according to you? You might as well call me everyone else here besides you and 1234/789/j7.
35 29 [Posted by: BestJinjo  | Date: 12/10/12 10:27:10 AM]
He has no qualifications. He has proven so far:

1) His technical knowledge in PC hardware is very basic;
2) He doesn't read financial or tech/industry news, but assumes what he says is in-line with industry trends;
3) He doesn't understand how business/companies work;
4) He doesn't understand corporate strategy; and,
5) He doesn't understand accounting treatment rules and basics things like Lease-backs, the difference between net income and cash flows, etc.

His opinion on the state of AMD lacks any objectivity since he is uninformed on all of the key aspects that require an individual to form a balanced opinion.
35 29 [Posted by: BestJinjo  | Date: 12/10/12 10:17:19 AM]
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19 37 [Posted by: Avon4Balls  | Date: 12/10/12 10:22:10 AM]
AMD's problems started at least as early as 2006, when it acquired ATI, saddling the company with $5.4B in debt obligations, interest expense and sucked the R&D budget right out, and diverted cash flows necessary for hiring the top talent, marketing/advertising and designing CPUs by-hand towards paying off this massive debt. Blaming RR on the current state of AMD misses the point that AMD had it coming all along and all the previous CEOs also contributed to where it is today. When RR took over, AMD had already spent 4-5 years designing Bulldozer under different leadership. He had nothing to do with Phenom I/ II / Bulldozer or HD4000-6000 series. Even HD7000 series was designed well before he took over as these architectures take 4+ years to design. HD8000 series and CPUs after 2013 is something you can say he actually overlooked.
35 28 [Posted by: BestJinjo  | Date: 12/10/12 10:26:09 AM]

That probably means they have a lot of inventory built up from Q3 2012 that they want to sell first. It doesn't mean they'll only have $115 million in total for Q4. Why would a company cancel buying more procude? Because their products are in less demand and/or they have an oversupply of existing inventory.

It doesn't mean they'll only sell $115 million of chips, especially since $115 million is the wafer cost. So your actual math is backwards to begin with. $115M is your Cost of Goods Sold. That means Gross Margin:

Revenue = X (what they sell the product to customers)
- COGS = $115 (or 60%, what it costs them to get working chips)
Gross Margin = 40% or (X-115)

That's very simplistic as I am sure there are other costs baked into COGS but you get the point.

To get 40% margins, your revenue needs to be ~$192 million [$115 / (1-40%)]. The way you calculated it is you applied 40% margin to what it costs you to buy the items in the supply chain. That's incorrect. As I said, you also forgot Q3 inventory that is overstocked that will be sold, not to mention all the SG&A and depreciation expenses after Gross Margin that reduce cash flows.
31 30 [Posted by: BestJinjo  | Date: 12/10/12 10:14:20 AM]
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19 23 [Posted by: Azazel  | Date: 12/10/12 10:44:44 PM]
I haven't done the math for the next quarter but from CEO's comments, they don't expect to return to profitability until 2H of 2013. I expect the next 2 quarters to have a net loss. Things are not looking good since they continue to lose market share to Intel and based on the article above are not investing $ to get design wins for mobile dGPU chipsets. They are essentially letting NV take the mobile market slowly. If the management continues on this path, what's the point of releasing HD8000 series? Their profitability for the GPUs business was down in Q3 ($18M) compared to Q2 ($31M).

Therefore, it seems it was worse to not invest. The result is even lower earnings for the mobile GPU division.
31 27 [Posted by: BestJinjo  | Date: 12/10/12 10:56:30 PM]

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18 39 [Posted by: Avon4Balls  | Date: 12/10/12 07:21:36 AM]
- collapse thread

Stop your ranting. I don't know who's voting you down. It's probably you yourself with your abundance of spare aliases.
33 20 [Posted by: linuxlowdown  | Date: 12/10/12 09:51:26 AM]
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18 34 [Posted by: Avon4Balls  | Date: 12/10/12 09:58:45 AM]
Tell me something. AMD has a head office. They are accountable. We know where we can find Rory Read if he's lying. But what about you. Where can we find you if you're lying? Your a snake in the grass Avon. And your tongue is forked with multi aliases.
33 20 [Posted by: linuxlowdown  | Date: 12/10/12 10:41:00 AM]

I love the "interpretation" of Reads comments to always be negative by Anton.

Instead of buying into the AMD disparagement typical of Xbits... I'll wait to see what AMD actually delivers in the future. So far they have produced winning designs with Trinity laptop, desktop and also Vishera. Three winning designs in 2012 ain't too bad and consumers are the ultimate winners with these products.
30 20 [Posted by: beenthere  | Date: 12/10/12 09:43:15 AM]
- collapse thread

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19 35 [Posted by: Avon4Balls  | Date: 12/10/12 09:49:46 AM]
Anton is evenly balanced. He gives it just as good to Intel. And Anton, could you give my foe Avon here a few extra thumb ups. He's been copping a lot of flack for his comments lately.
32 19 [Posted by: linuxlowdown  | Date: 12/10/12 09:56:42 AM]
I don't think Anton put a negative spin on the news story. That's actually the quotes RR provided and how financial press is reporting the event.

"Jim McGregor, founder and principal analyst with TIRIAS Research in Phoenix, Arizona, said AMD’s decision simply reflects that demand is down for its product and that it has lost market share to Intel. “As a result, AMD cannot commit to taking all the orders it had planned,” McGregor said. “I would expect that many other fabless semiconductor vendors and other segments of the PC value chain are also being impacted by the slower PC shipments."
34 28 [Posted by: BestJinjo  | Date: 12/10/12 10:45:02 AM]

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17 36 [Posted by: Avon4Balls  | Date: 12/10/12 11:06:19 AM]
- collapse thread

You realize "CPU's" with an apostrophe means possessive of the word CPU, not a plural of a singular word CPU. Just saying.
30 30 [Posted by: BestJinjo  | Date: 12/10/12 11:10:00 AM]
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18 34 [Posted by: Avon4Balls  | Date: 12/10/12 12:04:21 PM]
You gotta admit that video was funny. Stop being so dense. It's the holiday season.
31 27 [Posted by: BestJinjo  | Date: 12/10/12 10:58:38 PM]

Err... Guys, I think the best way to stop trolls is by ignoring them.

In all seriousness, I hope AMD will come back strong in three-four years (and that they will last through this crisis). Just look at NVidia, who used to be much smaller than AMD. I used to think their CEO Jen-Hsun Huang was just loud, but apparently he had the vision and the ability to execute and lead the company to where they are now. And this comes from an AMD fan. The bottomline is AMD did not deliver both on the business and architecture fronts. I just hope that the restructuring will bring back the much needed competition in the CPU and graphic industry. Intel's biggest rival is now the ARM chips rather than AMD.
32 20 [Posted by: gamoniac  | Date: 12/10/12 07:18:16 PM]
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16 32 [Posted by: Avon4Balls  | Date: 12/11/12 01:02:01 AM]
Who said next generation consoles will have 16 cores? You gotta pay more attention in your high school's English class. You won't get far in life with such poor reading comprehension skills. I am giving you a helpful tip so you don't end up working security at night for the rest of your life.
29 12 [Posted by: BestJinjo  | Date: 12/11/12 09:20:29 AM]

“Not all design wins are created equal. Actually, more is not better. More equals more complexity, it means testing platforms, back-end costs that drive [company’s] costs...” said Rory Read,

That's why they Hire you, after a very Complex Bulldozer.
5 2 [Posted by: jpunk  | Date: 12/10/12 08:19:39 PM]

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2 30 [Posted by: RoryRead  | Date: 12/11/12 06:08:55 AM]
- collapse thread

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2 29 [Posted by: DeadRory  | Date: 12/11/12 06:15:11 AM]
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1 31 [Posted by: Avon4Balls  | Date: 12/11/12 07:47:50 AM]
WTF Avon? RoryRead and DeadRory usernames? Oh come on now. How many aliases have you registered just today? This is getting out of hand.
29 3 [Posted by: linuxlowdown  | Date: 12/11/12 07:54:06 AM]
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2 31 [Posted by: Avon4Balls  | Date: 12/11/12 08:01:17 AM]
Let's just ignore him from now on. He migrated to this website and we started giving him too much attention. Jesse Lee is a psychotic high school kid, with no job. He can't even afford any of the modern CPU or GPU parts. That's why to participate in new hardware discussions, he just trolls across the net so he feels important. Poor kid is still playing on his outdated Intel and NV system from 5 years ago that chugs in all modern games.
29 11 [Posted by: BestJinjo  | Date: 12/11/12 09:24:37 AM]
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0 30 [Posted by: Avon4Balls  | Date: 12/11/12 09:42:32 AM]
You just contradicted yourself in the same post. You said I can only afford an APU but supposedly I am getting $ from AMD to post online? Another Avon logic lapse.

Actually I have a real job. I don't troll tech websites. I only participate because I like learning about new products coming out and seeing how they perform in the programs I run. I actually use the hardware in question for games and contribute to posts here on pros/cons of different products. You on the other hand are just a blind fanboy of camp Intel+NV, the worst kind after Apple fanboys.

Sorry, I don't own an APU:

Now let's see your NV GTX680 SLI because you sure talk up a big game.
29 10 [Posted by: BestJinjo  | Date: 12/11/12 10:58:36 AM]
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0 30 [Posted by: Avon4Balls  | Date: 12/11/12 11:07:54 AM]
I love it when Intel+NV trolls think that objective gamers are automatically AMD fanboys when they choose to buy superior products when NV flops a generation. Sorry, not everyone is as brand brainwashed as you, Bro and 789/1234/Jesse Lee are.
29 11 [Posted by: BestJinjo  | Date: 12/11/12 11:16:30 AM]
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1 30 [Posted by: Avon4Balls  | Date: 12/11/12 12:05:50 PM]
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1 30 [Posted by: Avon4Balls  | Date: 12/11/12 11:15:52 AM]
You still haven't linked me your GTX680s in SLI. You might want to join Alienbabeltech NV troll forum. They would love you over there. Maybe you can rally them and start an NV Focus Group and get paid for spreading brand propaganda online.

You realize you are no different than some AMD fanboys like dan_amd? You just come off as "Company A" fanboy, not any better than "Company B" fanboy. No one likes to read drivel from blind fanboys.

It's also how you post. There are plenty of ways to say positive things about NV or Intel but you don't. You just put down AMD instead.

Why didn't you make any positive comments regarding 20nm progression of Maxwell and that GPU incorporating Project Denver to speed up general-purpose computing?

This was posted 6 days ago and you still didn't comment. Therefore, I think you just enjoy trolling anti-AMD posts rather than actually caring about what's happening in the tech industry or even what NV does. You seem to be more concerned with putting anyone down who doesn't own Intel+NV parts rather than being passionate about tech in general. Exactly what fanboys do.
29 11 [Posted by: BestJinjo  | Date: 12/11/12 11:21:00 AM]
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2 29 [Posted by: Avon4Balls  | Date: 12/11/12 11:37:19 AM]
I think you're approaching another ban Avon. You are drunk posting here.
29 2 [Posted by: linuxlowdown  | Date: 12/11/12 12:18:59 PM]
Yup, everything is a conspiracy to this guy. He thinks we are all paid shills and jump back and forth from NV to AMD depending on who decides to pay us in a given year. Yup, sounds like an Alienbabeltech forum member. The irony is that he dissed current generation AMD products but himself can't even afford an HD7970. He is probably gaming on a GTX460, but yet keeps saying how AMD is crap.
29 12 [Posted by: BestJinjo  | Date: 12/11/12 12:47:50 PM]
29 12 [Posted by: BestJinjo  | Date: 12/11/12 12:51:40 PM]

High volumes only work if the products that a company creates are damn good. In the case of AMD, the products are damn poor. Really what is Rory Read is thinking.

AMD's APU can not compete any better than Intel i3-3225. Also the FX processors have a hard time competing of the lower entry of Intel i5 processors. Sure FX has a lot of processors or cores that is good for multi-threaded applications, but still not enough to compensate for poor performance for single thread programs. Also the APU and FX processors fit in different sockets and the only one that has up to date chipset is the APU. Rory Read expects to get high volume contractors when these processors does not compete against the same high level as Intel. Also pausing development for Steamroller micro-architecture will hurt AMD even further. IMHO, Steamroller is AMD's way to catch up to Intel on the terms of high level performance that Intel Sandy Bridge or Ivy Bridge is at.

Reducing layers or metal layers is reducing advantages of using them. I am not an engineer, but those layers are used to create transistors, reduce cross-talk, and remove heat. Using other layers for them is reducing performance altogether. What is best for AMD to stay in 80x86 business is they have to compete on the same level as Intel or else go out of business. From what I am reading, AMD is following the same tactics what VIA did by not wanting to compete on the same level as Intel. VIA's 80x86 business is done for. In this case, AMD should just stop making 80x86 processors by the start of next year.

AMD wants to get into making ARM processors. How can they when they have zero research and development in ARM? It does not make sense that AMD is going into that direction. It seems to me is Rory Read is acting like a princess buying things that AMD can not afford to buy.

I get the feeling that Lenovo kicked out Rory Read for making bad business choices. Lenovo looks like they are doing better after Rory Read has left. The Lenovo Yoga looks interesting. Also IBM looked pathetic when Rory Read was working for them. Rory Read should start up his own business and see how it goes. I do not think he is actually a good business leader.
4 2 [Posted by: tecknurd  | Date: 12/11/12 12:59:13 PM]
- collapse thread

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4 31 [Posted by: Avon4Balls  | Date: 12/11/12 01:21:57 PM]

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2 27 [Posted by: PnoyP  | Date: 12/12/12 05:39:42 PM]
- collapse thread

It won't happen.
If you have any hopes.. well don't.
Just switch to Intel like i did.

Addit: But what people don't understand is that people like "us" who criticize them is actually making the difference for the better.
2 3 [Posted by: Avon4Balls  | Date: 12/13/12 09:45:25 AM]

Correction: The AMD CEO talked about mask layers, not metal layers. He was referring to 64 layers and want to go down to ~50. No chip company has a CPU with 64 metal layers
2 1 [Posted by: Bingle  | Date: 12/15/12 05:40:39 PM]

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