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Discussion on Article:
Apple Tests Several TV Designs – Report.

Started by: tecknurd | Date 12/12/12 03:48:18 PM
Comments: 8 | Last Comment:  01/11/13 02:10:56 PM

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0 3 [Posted by: tecknurd  | Date: 12/12/12 03:48:18 PM]
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Apple's walled garden and freedom restricting ecosystem is not for me. But you can be sure Apple will nail the industrial design of the TV. Here are the problems with current TVs as I see them -

a) Usually made of highly reflective glossy plastic or bare metal that is distracting or impossible to look at for long periods when you have a brightly lit room or unfortunate positions of windows, etc. This includes not only the bezel and screen but also the stand. I'm looking at you Samsung. Where are the matt blacks of the 90s?

b) rubbish built in speakers that often face rearwards. This only makes listening clear for the neighbour through the wall.

c) Motion interpolation above 100Hz is needed for watching sport and is still only the reserve of the more expensive TVs. It should be standard for the base model. It's highway robbery to continue using this first generation tech to create the upper price bracket of what should be now the base tech.

d) Smart TV content is a joke, particularly outside the US and UK markets.
0 0 [Posted by: linuxlowdown  | Date: 01/08/13 03:46:25 PM]

You are an idiot to bet against Apple. Its fan base alone is enough to make their products a huge economic success. Will they dominate the market? Who knows. Will they be profitable for their company? You bet!
1 2 [Posted by: LouZ  | Date: 12/12/12 09:20:11 PM]

The legend is that one of Steve Job’s last declarations was they finally solved “it”. The it being the TV. If true, we should have seen ‘it” by now. I kind of thought Samsung (maybe a rushed version) tried to get a does-it –all television out first. Hard to imagine Apple coming out with anything truly revolutionary but..up until now betting on Apple pays off way more than betting against them
0 0 [Posted by: es345  | Date: 01/11/13 02:10:56 PM]


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