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Discussion on Article:
120mm Fan Roundup: 1350 RPM and Higher Rotation Speeds

Started by: mtcn77 | Date 12/14/12 05:42:06 PM
Comments: 160 | Last Comment:  11/29/16 08:44:04 AM


New fans are great, but you didn't include your original Scythe GT AP series fans and they would have broken some records, too. 33 CFM @ 38 dBa is quite the fan I would be looking for. This review is skewed in my opinion.
0 0 [Posted by: mtcn77  | Date: 12/14/12 05:42:06 PM]

This was a great roundup, thank you for the hard work!
It would be great if a static pressure test could be added to the test suite. This is very important when using a fan in a Heatsink/Radiator application, whereas CFM is most important for Case fans.
Also it would be a great reference if you could include the previous test winner in the new roundup, thereby narrowing down all fans tested at the finale to one ultimate fan!

Thanks again!
1 0 [Posted by: Sunny420  | Date: 12/17/12 02:14:42 AM]

I personally use 4 of the Koolance 120x25 2600rpm fans in push-pull on an Alphacool UT60 240 rad, with all 4 run off one channel of my BitFenix Hydra Pro. I also own some of the Koolance 120x38 2600rpm fans (which should have been included: 120x38mm with 118cfm/6.4mmH2O for $8??? YES!), the 4krpm 120x38 model, various Scythe GT's (from the AP-13's/14's/15's up through the highest-rotational-speed model), the Corsair SP120-PE, the Swiftech HELIX in both 120 and 140 sizes, NZXT RF-FX1120(/140)RB + RF-FN140RB + RF-FZ140RB fans, the incredible Bgears Blaster 140x25mm 1800rpm 103cfm/3.5mmH2O fans (truly the best 140mm radiator fan available), every one of the Silverstone Air Penetrators (useless except for a few extremely specific situations), misc other Silverstone fans incl the FM12x/FN12x/FHP-141, CM R4-120 and SickleFlow fans, Gelid Wing's, all 120mm and 140mm Noctua fan models, BitFenix Spectre/Spectre Pro/Spectre Pro PWM in 120 and 140, over 30 different Delta fans, about two-dozen Sanyo Denkei, ~10-12 Panaflo fans, and a bunch of different NIDEC (non-Scythe) fans; amongst countless others.

Honestly, FOR THE PRICE, the Koolance 120x25/120x38 2600rpm fans are some of the absolute best I've ever used! I do professional audio recording/editing/mixing, so I like to think that I'm rather good with sound, and the Koolance fans are very "pleasant"-sounding. They don't "grind", "squeal", "squeak", or anything else, even when undervolted as low as 3.8v; which is another one of their strong suits: they under-volt insanely well. I have run them from 3.8v on the low end up to 15.9v on the high end (a bit of an over-voltage; got to 3370rpm!), and they don't hesitate at all!

Sure, you can get some Sanyo Denkei fans that will perform better at the same noise level, but for the price of ONE San-Ace, you can get 3-5 of these Koolance fans!
The difference between the $22-35 fans and these $8 Koolance fans (at this speed/performance level) is so minimal when you have them on a radiator that there is NO SITUATION where you wouldn't be better off to spend the same amount of money to put the Koolance's in Push-Pull as you would any other fan in just push or just pull...
0 0 [Posted by: nleksan  | Date: 12/28/12 02:49:52 PM]

This roundup desperately needs the Noiseblocker eLoop series!!!
0 0 [Posted by: Rayce185  | Date: 01/13/13 11:42:43 AM]

Hi, please check out my fan reviews on YouTube for the LEPA 4c Casino & be quiet! Silent Wings 2 fans -
0 0 [Posted by: NismoTechUK  | Date: 04/23/13 03:43:45 PM]


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