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Discussion on Article:
Corsair Dominator Platinum Dual-Channel DDR3 Memory Kits Review

Started by: HeadlessBottleneck | Date 12/19/12 04:02:36 AM
Comments: 25 | Last Comment:  11/29/16 07:31:38 AM


Wrong methodology for testing in my opinion.
There is no real need of high speed memory in you scenario.

Install this ones into an AMD APU motherboard and test them for real.
That's where they will show their performance ,we all know how good APU-s scale with high speed RAM.

Please add an AMD APU platform when testing RAM modules.
2 1 [Posted by: HeadlessBottleneck  | Date: 12/19/12 04:02:36 AM]

Corsair is all about looks with their over-priced RAM kits. Their standard RAM is fine, but I'd skip the useless fans, whistles, bells and LEDs that are purely for looks as DDR3 RAM does not run hot and need any of this crap. In addition the top mounted heatsinks cause clearance issues with the better HSFs, so skip these and go for the better HSF.

As noted other than with APUs and that's limited also, there isn't any point in RAM with a frequency higher than 1600 MHz. for a typical desktop PC. Even 1333 MHz. frequency is not a bottleneck for most desktop systems.
1 0 [Posted by: beenthere  | Date: 12/19/12 07:04:43 AM]

Is it me, or did the author contradict himself in the following two consecutive statements about the DDR3-2133 C9 modules on page #4.

First we have the statement about the Samsung chips being used:

Besides the specs, we can note the version number in the stickers. The components are different again. Version 4.13 denotes Samsung chips which are not very popular in memory modules for enthusiasts.

Then after the pic of the naked module showing the HCH9 ICs, he adds this statement:

The original marking is retained on the chips of the DDR3-2133 kit. As you can see, the CMD8GX3M2A2133C9 modules use Samsung’s HCH9 chips which have come to be frequently used in overclocker-friendly products some of which are quite impressive.

So which is it? Actually, the second one is, as Samsung HCH9s are fine overclockers, among the best memory chips currently available.

0 0 [Posted by: Reefa_Madness  | Date: 02/07/13 12:33:55 PM]


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