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Valve Software: Xi3 Piston Is Just One Game System, More Incoming.

Started by: Molecular | Date 01/09/13 12:35:18 PM
Comments: 4 | Last Comment:  03/12/13 07:46:03 PM

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So Nvidia, now Valve and (possibly) Disney will be introducing proprietary game devices. Not going to make any predictions or anything like that- but it seems like too many? Especially when we take into account the Big 3's next-gen and existing mobile offerings. Yikes!
0 1 [Posted by: Molecular  | Date: 01/09/13 12:35:18 PM]

Valve's hardware isn't really proprietary, they are actively working with partners to create 3rd party upgradeable hardware with the option to install Windows, so you won't have to have Valve hardware to take advantage of what they are trying to do. Valves own device will run on a custom Linux when it arrives, optimized for big picture mode and controller. Yes I will imagine that you will be using Steam to acquire your games, so in that sense it is proprietary, but the 3rd party hardware with the Windows options may have other content delivery methods available. I think Valve are trying to create an ecosystem of living room PCs to further the reach of Steam, as opposed to making a locked in PC/Console crossover =)
1 0 [Posted by: Doom  | Date: 01/09/13 10:37:44 PM]

I'm what you would call an enthusiast steam user. I've been on the platform since 2006 and trust me, when you compare the price paid for your games compared to the price paid in retail store, it's a shock.

I really appreciate how easy the software makes it to install the game; click/download/done and it really easy to configure co-op games with your friends, Steamtalk also works well.

You get 4 packs bundle offers even for pre-purchase offers that makes you save a lot of money ($15/games for Borderlands2). Don't forget that your game are yours to download on any computer, from anywhere in the world!

With over 260 games on my account, I can't wait to get my Steam Box!
1 0 [Posted by: MHudon  | Date: 01/11/13 10:46:37 AM]
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The only problem is that most of your 260 games will not run on the "Steam Box" since it will be Linux based; at least out of the box.
That being said, I'm a Linux fan and I hope Steam has something up its sleeve to get their library of games working cross-platform quickly. That would almost certainly make their Box worth it.
0 0 [Posted by: electrogonzo  | Date: 03/12/13 07:46:03 PM]


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