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Discussion on Article:
Affordable Gold from Seasonic: G-360 and G-550 Power Supply Units Review

Started by: mascotzel | Date 01/16/13 01:33:20 PM
Comments: 24 | Last Comment:  09/25/16 04:09:48 AM


Have the G360 for about 3 weeks. Really like it and noise hasn't become a concern yet. I run a Core i5 3570k + ATI 7870 2GB on it just fine
0 0 [Posted by: mascotzel  | Date: 01/16/13 01:33:20 PM]

There is also a 450W in the same G series, that is nowhere tested and analyzed in terms of build quality and component choices. The only difference perceivable from specs is on 12V rail, 37A (for 450W model) vs 45A (for 550 model).
Does anyone knows anything about this 450W version?
0 0 [Posted by: AnCoj  | Date: 01/17/13 02:26:44 AM]

I´ve got a Be quiet F1 350W with a core i5 3450+ATI7850 and it even is too much wattage but didn´t find a lower wattage Gold PSU.
0 0 [Posted by: Sergioytc  | Date: 01/25/13 08:53:19 AM]


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