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Discussion on Article:
Nintendo Set to Merge Handheld and Console Divisions in February.

Started by: whythisname | Date 01/18/13 06:43:26 AM
Comments: 3 | Last Comment:  01/18/13 09:31:55 AM


because competing new-generation game consoles (PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 4 “Orbis”, Xbox Next) and forthcoming smartphones or tablets will offer better experience at similar price or similar experience at lower cost.

What is that for statement when there's barely anything known about the PS4 or the "Xbox 720".
I also have a hard time believing that Nintendo literally said that, I mean if they really think that than why bother releasing a console like the Wii U if you know it's going to fail...

btw, Gamasutra says nothing about the whole comparison between consoles, which reinforces my doubts even more.
1 0 [Posted by: whythisname  | Date: 01/18/13 06:43:26 AM]

Last weekend, I invited 2 groups of friends (age 25-40) to play the Wii U Nintendo Land game. We really had a blast with both groups especially the "Mario Chase" and "Luigi Ghost" games. The touch screen/tablet really can help creating new gameplay.
0 0 [Posted by: gjcjan  | Date: 01/18/13 09:00:52 AM]

And I guess Nintendo will merge the 2 systems into one. The Wii U game pad is almost like a portable.

So the next system will be that you can buy the console with the gamepad/handheld. Or you can just buy the handheld, then upgrade to get the console later. Both devices will support the portable games. When playing indoor, connect with the console to use the big screen TV and local multiplayer. And single player games can continue from TV to outdoor using the gamepad.

This way Nintendo will not need to have 2 hardware development teams as there will only be 1 system release to address both markets.
0 0 [Posted by: gjcjan  | Date: 01/18/13 09:31:55 AM]


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