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Playing Tag: Unique Radeon HD 7870/7850/7700 from MSI, PowerColor and XFX

Started by: Casecutter | Date 01/28/13 12:45:10 PM
Comments: 5 | Last Comment:  11/29/16 08:57:46 AM


Very nicely done. Instead of the GTX640 I would've rather seen the GTX650(Non-Ti) which is the same as the GTX640 but with DDR5. Would like to see a 7770 OC like the Sapphire 1100Mhz ($125 -AR) along with the reference 7770. And then the 7870 with just 1Gb as those are averaging $150 –AR.

The real take-away is the GTX650Ti likes memory clock speed it always seemed to give improvement far above sheer clock speed. But if someone thinking of getting nice card like the Gigabyte you don’t get anything from 2Gb, the Zotac has nice connections but that generic cooler doesn't bode for the lofty price. The MSI Power Edition usally offer the best mix of everything and if you find it at $130 -AR right today it's a good buy.

GTX650Ti can get you into 1920x1080, but it's a stretch for the price. The right buy for 1920x is a 7850 1Gb and mild OC (1030Mhz) it's the BFB leader!
0 0 [Posted by: Casecutter  | Date: 01/28/13 12:45:10 PM]


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