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Discussion on Article:
4-Bay NAS from Synology: Three Models Reviewed

Started by: dmk2000 | Date 01/30/13 10:31:24 AM
Comments: 35 | Last Comment:  11/17/16 12:35:10 PM


Agree 100%. Myself running Synology ds1512+ in RAID6 for one year. Best investment made, reliable and fast.
0 0 [Posted by: dmk2000  | Date: 01/30/13 10:31:24 AM]

My specific interest is the speed during reading and writing so two of the performance tasks i am looking for are the directorycopytoNAS and directorycopyfromNAS i wonder what are those number represented and how much data is involved on those tests?

0 0 [Posted by: idonotknow  | Date: 03/24/13 08:43:49 AM]

The reason the DS413 is less expensive than the DS412+ is that the DS412+ supports Vmware ESXi VAAI and the DS413 does not. VAAI improves performance incredibly for creating virtual machines and other vmware storage functions. I don't know why this is missed in all these reviews but I don't see one mention anywhere in numerous reviews. If you have a vmware environment and require performance, you need VAAI.
0 0 [Posted by: Patrick Hurley  | Date: 08/26/13 11:02:19 AM]


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