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Discussion on Article:
Microsoft Seeking Influence on Dell in Case of Investment - Report.

Started by: fdunn | Date 01/30/13 06:29:07 PM
Comments: 1 | Last Comment:  01/30/13 06:29:07 PM


It won't hurt for MS to buy 16% of Dell if Michael Dell decides to take it private. It WILL do better as a private company as it won't have the SEC breathing down it's neck and also won't have to worry about quarterly results to so many disparate investors.

Dell needs to offer as many operating systems as their customers want and not as many as Microsoft wants. Microsoft, having only 16% will not be the power it once was over Dell.

One more thing:

Dell needs to build up a content delivery system as in a "walled garden" and market very low cost multimedia (AMD) systems for those that want the "Apple Experience" and are locked to Dell's content as well as local (PC)content.

Godspeed Michael,
Fred Dunn
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