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FM2 Platform: Gigabyte GA-F2A85X-UP4 Mainboard and AMD A10-5800K Processor Review

Started by: ET3D | Date 02/04/13 05:43:37 AM
Comments: 34 | Last Comment:  06/03/16 11:06:22 AM


I couldn't find where you mention the exact overclocking parameters. I managed to find on the overlocking specifics page a mention of the CPU being run at 4.5 GHz, and I assume that's what the tests show, but I couldn't find the GPU and RAM speeds. It's probably there, but it's a lot of text.
0 0 [Posted by: ET3D  | Date: 02/04/13 05:43:38 AM]

It is odd that mobo makers seem unable to make adjustable fan speed power headers that actual work as advertised. There are only two types of PC fan controls: PWM and DC voltage. It's not rocket science to design the proper circuits. Only having (1) 3-pin header that is speed adjustable is silly and lazy of mobo companies charging top dollar for their products.

As far as Trinity Desktop is concerned - it was a step forward in both CPU and GPU performance. It delivers excellent performance for the price when used with real applications that most people use daily.

Using benches designed primarily to measure IPC and Intel CPUs, isn't representative at all of how most CPUs/APUs perform real world. That's why it's very misleading to continue to do this when many people now understand the shortcomings of using the benches as the primary means to determine system performance.
4 1 [Posted by: beenthere  | Date: 02/04/13 10:03:57 AM]

Great review. I can't wait for the next gen of AMD architecture to come out. Let's have some competition... OK, I can dream, can't I?
0 0 [Posted by: gamoniac  | Date: 02/04/13 06:58:15 PM]

I disagree with your conclusion. The A10 at its current price is competitive with the i3 and provides better graphics performance. It consumes more under full load, so what? Face it, average users don't run their computers at full load and the A10 idles at the same point as an i3 so partial load comparisions will come out just about the same. The A10 has graphics capable of playing modern titles at reduced settings and that makes the A10 a better processor for a family computer where kids may want to play a game once in awhile. On the retail market it is hard to find a computer with a decent graphics card. Most of the time you find some terrible Nvidia 520 or you spend a lot of extra money for a real gaming PC. An A10 vs an i3 the only real tradeoff is in full load power consumption and the benefits are better GPU performance so I see no reason to say full load power consumption is more important than the ability to actually play a game.

If you look at this problem digitally you'll see my point.
Office productivity. A10 yes, i3 yes
Media encoding. A10 yes, i3 yes
Video playback. A10 yes, i3 yes
Gaming. A10 yes, i3 no

That says it all. The i3 can't game and the A10 can and in a family dual use PC it is important for a computer to be capable of playing a game. Users don't care about a 10% performance difference or whether or not their computer pulled 30Whrs or 33Whrs while turned on. They're close enough. But the i3 isn't close enough to be able to game at all so the A10 has a lot of advantage there and shouldn't be thrown under the bus.
4 0 [Posted by: Hubb1e  | Date: 02/05/13 10:56:04 AM]

^ Agreed, who uses 100% load all the time.................nobody

Good review but is it possible to use a more realistic loading profile like ~ 20% and do a direct comparison to an i3 @ the same load profile, that will be the only true way of comparing Intel vs AMD
0 0 [Posted by: alpha0ne  | Date: 02/05/13 10:59:16 PM]

I like my tech. reviews with out politics, polemics or hot button terms. I might add "getting to the point" and "brevity" as desirable traits.The conclusions drawn were suspect to me because of the "editorial" nature of the review. You have to dig pretty deep in Intel's bin to find a cpu that matches the A10 on price points and feature for feature the motherboards are more costly to. The money you would save would make a nice down payment of SSD drive or a blue ray player.Every builder has a budget. I disliked the commentary on other reviewers test results, this made me doubt yours. I liked your comment on buy the best (paraphrased), but even a Mercedes buyer has a budget.
0 0 [Posted by:  | Date: 02/06/13 01:59:07 PM]

I noticed that nobody tests the network addapters anymore...

Please do a GBIT test on this MB - I can say 100% certain this MB should be correctly labeled 100MBps. Because that's the most you're going to get out of it. Tried it with W7 & Ubuntu.

Filed already a complaint about this. Realtek is advertising gbit network everywhere on all their products on all MBs but in reality the maximum speed is 100MBps so this is false advertising top to bottom! Unless I see a driver update (and I can tell... I tried a hundred different setups & drivers) this nic just isn't gbit and should be properlly labeled.

I thought xbitlabs is a serious reviewer and trusted you - got me into buying a worthles piece of junk for my needs(and my needs include mandatory gbit!).

"Gigabit" here seems to be just Realteks brand for these crappy nics...

If you want really good true Gbit nics buy some intel ones... they may build overpriced cpus and all but they sure as hell do some fine nics!

Other then the problem with the nic the MB is fabulous btw and pairs up very well with the A10 and amd optimized memory
0 0 [Posted by: tcube  | Date: 08/23/13 04:45:57 AM]

What are the options for underclocking and undervoltaging the processor without losing too much stability of the system -- and what could the power savings be ?
0 0 [Posted by: Oinkman  | Date: 04/04/14 08:23:57 AM]


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