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Discussion on Article:
Ultra High-Definition HEVC Video Codec to Bring HD Video to Portables First.

Started by: bluvg | Date 02/07/13 07:59:03 AM
Comments: 4 | Last Comment:  02/12/14 01:44:08 AM

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Do we really need 1080p video on a 4-5" screen?
1 0 [Posted by: bluvg  | Date: 02/07/13 07:59:03 AM]
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No, of course not. That's why I think >720p being an apparent priority to phone manufacturers is ridiculous. Perhaps at some point in the future when more people use their phone hooked up to their tv as a computer/media player (perhaps through bluetooth remoted/keyboards etc) the resolution parity will make sense, but as it sits we're not there yet. Mobile should be optimized for 720p because it is realistic.

Would it be nice on a small/medium-sized tablet though, sure.

Like most people, I'm more excited by the prospect of very decent 1080p over a broadband connection. If, for example, what is now 8000Kbps becomes 2500-4000, that will be helpful to a lot of people. Likewise, if youtube et al can use the same amount of bw and therefore not compress the living crap out of everything, that would be nice too.
2 0 [Posted by: turtle  | Date: 02/07/13 09:43:07 PM]

Everybody should know tho, that indeed the new codec can compress better than H.264 one, but the processing power to decode a 1080p H.265 frame is between x2 ~ x4 more than H.264. No problem for desktops or laptops, but for mobiles and tables could be...
0 0 [Posted by: TAViX  | Date: 02/11/13 05:14:42 AM]


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