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Discussion on Article:
Thermalright Goes All In: SilverArrow SB-E Extreme Super-Cooler Review

Started by: beenthere | Date 02/09/13 08:20:19 PM
Comments: 25 | Last Comment:  11/29/16 07:54:01 AM

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0 4 [Posted by: beenthere  | Date: 02/09/13 08:20:19 PM]

Lots of assumptions here, and apparently ya skimmed the article. Xbit is one of the best review sites in explaining their testing methods.

The case layout, GPU choice and location, case fans, PSU location, design, power and efficiency rating, fan noise and regulation circuit, etc. all influence the HSF test results and not necessarily equally with the differences in the HSF design, orientation, height and fans used.

This is explained and is always explained in every fan, heatsink review.

You use about TEN TIMES the amount of TIM that should be used for any reasonably flat heatsink surface and no it's not the photo making it look excessive. The TIM should be so thin that it's almost translucent. TIM is designed to ONLY fill imperfections in the two mating surfaces. TIM is not thermal epoxy, it's a thermal insulator compared to metal-to-metal contact of the heatsink and CPU heat spreader.

This is also done so they are able to PHOTOGRAPH the results. Almost all sites explain they use excess TIM for the photograph so the camera can show the pressure pattern.

Thus as stated above ANY of the top (10) HSFs would serve hard core PC enthusiasts well and they should not be swayed by 1-2C difference in a review or three as their actual results might be quite different from the review results. HSF cost is likely to be a factor for many consumers looking for the best performance for the price. That may not be the HSF that tests 1-2C better. The OC limit of most PCs isn't going to change significantly if at all over 1-2C temp under max load.

Apparently you dont overclock much because those (1-3) degrees can impact an overclock especially on an AMD systems. As any AMD overclocker knows. When (Athlon, Phenom, BD/PD) hit 55C then ya pretty much run into instability and cant push the chips anymore. That (1-3) degrees can help me either stabilize or even push my system even more. If you think you can do a better job, then go ahead and do it. Start your own website and lets read through your reviews.

Thanks for the excellent review, Ive been debating on new 140mm fans and these might be an option. It is sad they released a so-called new product when its just a rehash with new fans.
2 0 [Posted by: The_Smurph  | Date: 02/10/13 06:44:43 AM]
- collapse thread

Thank you!
2 0 [Posted by: Jordan  | Date: 02/10/13 08:03:38 AM]
The Smurph-

I was OC'ing PC's before you were born and no I didn't skim the story, I read every word of it.

THAT is precisely why I pointed out the sheeple influence and why 1-3C does NOT affect the limits of most overclocks.

Being clueless is what being a sheeple is all about. You don't know what you don't know and you don't want to know if it differs with your meritless beliefs. Attacking me doesn't lift you from the depths of technical or social ignorance.

BTW, I didn't say the review was bad, but it is intended to convince the sheeple that the Thermalright SB-E Extreme is something more than it really is. This is properly called "hype" or marketing to the technically challenged. If reviewers don't paint a pretty picture of a product, they get cut off from future "freebies" be it review samples, inside tech info., site advertising, Paid travel to special evensts, wined and dined at CES, IDF, etc. If you think the majority of reviewers are not influenced by these actions, you really are naive.

The reason for my comment was to make those who need to know the realities of reviews, aware of the shortcomings of this and other reviews - which clearly escaped you from you ignorant and insulting comment directed towards me. Hating doesn't change reality.
0 2 [Posted by: beenthere  | Date: 02/10/13 12:38:04 PM]
Did you read a different article than was put up?

"First let me say a few words about the heatsink. Unfortunately, we have to state that SilverArrow SB-E Extreme uses the exact same heatsink as SilverArrow SB-E. It is the same dual-array tower heatsink measuring 165x154x130 mm and weighing a little over 800 grams"


"At the same time we remember that SilverArrow SB-E Extreme is simply an updated revision of the SilverArrow SB-E from the early 2012, which in its turn could be considered an upgrade from the regular SilverArrow from 2010."

Its right there! The author clearly states that it is not "something more than it really was," as u state. They are not even including it into the cooler graphs for future review comparisons.

I never personally attacked you, just tore apart your argument. Thanks for comparing us to a flock of sheep and insulting everyone here who comes here for knowledge. Seriously man, step back and please dont beat us "sheeple" with your shepherds crook.
2 0 [Posted by: The_Smurph  | Date: 02/11/13 10:17:50 AM]
Don't mind him, he's a known troll, he trolls on too under the same nick, he's particularily keen on blasting SSDs.
1 0 [Posted by: rrr  | Date: 02/14/13 04:35:14 AM]
WOW you werent kidding!!!! Jesus why cant they just stay under their bridge and leave us normal folks alone. Just read through a micron SSD review and guess whos name pops up in the comments about how bad SSD's are. Hilarious.
1 0 [Posted by: The_Smurph  | Date: 02/15/13 10:50:59 AM]

It's a good review.

Apples to apples comparison with the same fan used on each cooler rather than stock fans is a very important part of reviewing. All too often manufacturers tend to try various tricks to use faster fans to "look good". High speed fans are one of them it seems.

Enthusiasts often do change fans so this type of information is very important to people that overclock.

0 0 [Posted by: ZzzSleep  | Date: 05/14/13 06:28:59 PM]


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