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Discussion on Article:
Western Digital Red Hard Disk Drives for Network Attached Storage Review

Started by: Herr Spiegellman | Date 02/13/13 04:35:14 AM
Comments: 130 | Last Comment:  09/25/16 03:56:08 AM

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I bet it's a Hitachi inside, the label being the only WD related thing )
0 0 [Posted by: Herr Spiegellman  | Date: 02/13/13 04:35:14 AM]
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The 1TB red does look identical to some of the Hitachi 1TB deskstar drives not sure about the 2 or 3 TB drives
1 0 [Posted by: sollord  | Date: 02/13/13 11:56:46 PM]
Yep, that's what hinted me, I have 4 Hitachi's at home and had some more older ones that I've sold. I've seen this trick pulled of by Maxtor after they bought Quantum (I have one of those too) and by Seagate after they bought Maxtor ... so... same ol' same ol' :D
0 0 [Posted by: Herr Spiegellman  | Date: 02/15/13 03:39:29 AM]

Well, i can say that i´m quite pleased so far with my Red used as a DATA-drive. Just because it´s aimed at NAS doesn´t mean you can´t just get it for the better reliability and lower noise.
0 0 [Posted by: DIREWOLF75  | Date: 02/15/13 06:26:07 AM]


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