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Discussion on Article:
Former AMD Chief Exec Gives Advice to Future Intel Chief Executive.

Started by: 63jax | Date 03/21/13 11:40:28 PM
Comments: 3 | Last Comment:  03/22/13 05:23:23 AM

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you destroyed AMD and now you give advice???
1 1 [Posted by: 63jax  | Date: 03/21/13 11:40:28 PM]

AMD seems to need advise from INTEL and it is not the other way around. BECAUSE. it simple enough to see THAT amd IS FALLING BEHIND INTEL in performance. the only thing AMD is in my PC right now and NOT INTEL cpu IS ONLY THE 8 CORES that i need for my little virtual server where more cores is better i looked at INTEL 6 cores BUT IT COST IN THE 1,000 RANGE where AMD 8 cores cost only 1/3 of that or less that is Y AMD chip is the one i am using at the moment. if INTEL needs any ADVISE is to come-up with 8-16 cores at a reasonable price and NOT the price that is out of range for those PC fanatic as me. INTEL seems to price those 6 cores thinking about BIG corporation orders and NOT for us little PC junkies. that is Y the price is out of our range in buying PC parts to assemble those parts by our little knowledge of our most prefer parts. i´m a PC junky since my HIGH SCHOOL AGE and today i´m still the same JUNKY that
0 2 [Posted by: idonotknow  | Date: 03/22/13 12:13:59 AM]
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I can't READ your post BECAUSE I have no IDEA why you KEEP SWITCHING you cases. IT is giving me A HEADACHE. PLEASE DON'T do that AGAIN. Thank YOU!!!
7 0 [Posted by: gamoniac  | Date: 03/22/13 05:23:23 AM]


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