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Discussion on Article:
ECS Improves Reliability of PC Mainboards with Durathon Technology.

Started by: OmegaHuman | Date 04/11/13 06:50:20 PM
Comments: 2 | Last Comment:  05/14/13 02:16:22 PM


Yet another marketing idiotism. I still remember two year befor failed Chaintech that branded something similar a decade ago with their Zenith series. So is it ECS to fail with failing PC market?
0 1 [Posted by: OmegaHuman  | Date: 04/11/13 06:50:20 PM]

ECS is trying to debunk the myth of their boards being poor quality, despite improvements in recent years (even before Durathon was introduced). Unfortunately, I don't have much hope for them, as many will continue to blindly dismiss their products. ECS should perhaps consider a sale to MSI and bury the myth for good.
0 0 [Posted by: Christopher Sosa  | Date: 05/14/13 02:16:22 PM]


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