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Discussion on Article:
More Than One Million Smart Watches will be Shipped in 2013 – Analysts.

Started by: beenthere | Date 04/19/13 05:18:24 AM
Comments: 2 | Last Comment:  04/21/13 12:08:17 AM


More empty predicitons. What were the predictions for WinDOZE 8, again?
1 0 [Posted by: beenthere  | Date: 04/19/13 05:18:24 AM]

I wonder how much these market 'research' ppl get paid, way too much IMHO, blind freddy could say they will ship X amount considering there are at least 3 rather large companies all stating they will be releasing their own ewatch design this year
0 0 [Posted by: alpha0ne  | Date: 04/21/13 12:08:16 AM]


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