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Intel Celeron 847 for Atom: MSI C847IS-P33 Mainboard Review

Started by: Musafir_86 | Date 04/28/13 06:27:20 PM
Comments: 219 | Last Comment:  11/24/15 05:03:20 PM

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-Hmm, I'm trying not to think that you're biased, but why in the world you picked E-350 (1.6GHz/492MHz GPU) with DDR3-1066 over, say, E2-2000 (1.75GHz/700MHz GPU boost) with DDR3-1600, or at the very least E2-1800 (1.7GHz/680MHz GPU boost).

-The Atom you picked is the latest generation (32nm), but the Brazos is the the first batch/generation (2011)!

-I believe that you should know that for an APU with single-channel RAM configuration, bandwidth is really important when it's shared between the CPU and the GPU. Just saying.

6 3 [Posted by: Musafir_86  | Date: 04/28/13 06:27:20 PM]
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Give me please at least pair names of Mini-ITX mainboards with E2-2000 or E2-1800! You can't?
The true is that there isn't any DT Brazos 2.0 mainboards. It's only for mobile or AIW systems.
1 0 [Posted by: Gavric  | Date: 04/29/13 05:20:20 AM]
-How about this? Mini-ITX with E2-2000 from Asus:

-Or maybe Zotac Zbox Nano AD12 with E2-1800 (though it's a complete SFF PC):

-BTW, how about the RAM? I personally think a DDR3-1600 will surely help, somehow.


P/S: Sorry if my earlier comment sounded rude, but I posted it in the middle of a really hot afternoon.
3 0 [Posted by: Musafir_86  | Date: 04/29/13 05:48:45 AM]
Cool, Asus E2KM1I-DELUXE is a good MB, but I can't find it in retail yet. I will try to get it from ASUS for next review against Celeron 1007U. Thank you!
2 0 [Posted by: Gavric  | Date: 04/29/13 06:34:48 AM]
0 0 [Posted by: nedved1000  | Date: 08/27/15 05:49:49 PM]
+1 to "but why in the world you picked E-350 (1.6GHz/492MHz GPU) with DDR3-1066 over, say, E2-2000 (1.75GHz/700MHz GPU boost) with DDR3-1600, or at the very least E2-1800 (1.7GHz/680MHz GPU boost)."

My AMD e450 based laptop is pretty old, and it came out a while after the E350. Sometime it's nice to see the older chip for a compare with what you currently have, but you also need to see the fair comparison between the modern pieces.
0 0 [Posted by: tsnor  | Date: 05/22/13 06:49:43 PM]

Hi, nice review.

I just that, my VIA Chrome 645/640 iGPU (VIA VX11H chipset 40nm) at 245MHz engine clock have (single-chanel DDR3-1600MHz) in 3DMark Cloud Gate, Graphics Score: 901 and VIA QuadCore L4700 1.2+GHz @1.2GHz in 3DMark Cloud Gate, Physics Score: 868.

Power consumption is in idle: 20W and CPU burn /CB11.5: 1,08pts/: 42W (FSP Aurum Series GOLD 400W,FSP400-60THN-P)

Problem is that is only embedded board (not consumer board) with disable GPU boost up to 700MHz engine clock and with disable adaptive overclocking up to 1.46GHz.

P.S. ad. introduction
"The Atom gave rise to a whole new class of devices, namely netbooks and nettops which featured small size, low weight, low power consumption, and attractive price."

I bought in 2008 HP 2133 Mini-Note with VIA C7-M ULV 1.6GHz and in 2009 Lenovo IdeaPad S12 with VIA Nano U2250 1.3+GHz) so not only Atom (ION) and later Brazoz gave rise to a whole new class of devices (netbooks, nettops etc.)...

0 1 [Posted by: Tralalak  | Date: 04/29/13 02:54:19 AM]

Nice review, I actually just recently bought the C847IS-P33 motherboard and it's surprisingly snappy! It will run high def h.264 video with no problem too. For anyone who wants a space/energy-saving home computer for streaming video and internet/office apps, it's perfect. Mine has a tiny miniITX case and I use it in the kitchen with a touchscreen monitor.
0 0 [Posted by: adrenatek  | Date: 05/08/13 04:11:46 PM]

I just wonder why u didnt include 3d bluray test which is atom and celeron will deffinitly not supporting.

And if you include g1610 you should also include a4 5300 which is also cheaper.
0 0 [Posted by: kukreknecmi  | Date: 05/23/13 09:58:24 PM]

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0 0 [Posted by: Aditi Mittal  | Date: 06/19/15 04:17:34 PM]

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0 0 [Posted by: Aditi Mittal  | Date: 06/27/15 09:31:44 AM]
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