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Discussion on Article:
Samsung Announces World’s First 5G mmWave Mobile Technology.

Started by: tecknurd | Date 05/14/13 02:38:30 PM
Comments: 1 | Last Comment:  05/14/13 02:38:30 PM


A smartphone that has "5G" which require 64 antennas. That will make that smartphone be like a porcupine or urchin. When I pick it up, will I be in pain or will the phone be in pain touching another phone with NFC.

Putting 64 antennas in a small package like a smartphone can not easily be done even with 2020 technology. Each antenna requires a modem and transceiver. Samsung needs to think of decreasing the amount of antennas that are require for 5G. Something like 1/16 of the amount will be feasible to squeeze in a small package like a smartphone.
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