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Discussion on poll "Have you already started to use Windows 8 platform?"

Comments: 1 | Last Comment:  05/21/13 05:33:22 AM


I bought and returned as unusable 3 Win 8 Pro devices, 2 Surface Pro slates and a Sony quad-core laptop. I spent several hours with each and refused to be 'herded' into the behavior MS requires in order to utilize this terrible new UI.
I had hoped Win 8 would unify the phone, tablet and desktop worlds but in practice, the only common factor from Windows seems to be a desire to wring ever more $$$s from the user. No media player, no DVD drive (you must buy streaming movies- not play your existing favorites!).
I hope Ubuntu Touch will be available soon. I will switch as soon as it's out of Alpha.
0 0 [Posted by: Wizwill  | Date: 05/21/13 05:33:22 AM]


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