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Thermalright Archon SB-E X2 Super-Cooler Review: Evolution Apogee

Started by: beenthere | Date 05/27/13 10:35:53 AM
Comments: 13 | Last Comment:  09/03/15 01:50:29 PM

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This is a nice cooler but basically any of the top 5-10 tower coolers will provide almost identical performance as 1-2C don't mean anything in the real world. Thus people should buy whatever model fits their budget, case and desire.

There is a pretty good price spread on the high end tower coolers with the Xigmatek Aegir often available for ~$50. when on sale vs. $80-$100 for many of the other high end tower coolers. The slight improvement in cooling is tough to justify for the additional costs but some folks may desire two fans or like the looks of one particular model over another.
0 1 [Posted by: beenthere  | Date: 05/27/13 10:35:54 AM]

Dear Xbit !
PLEASE make test with similar Fan speed that Other Archon !

You tested Archon with 1260 rpm and Archon SBE with 1010rpm

It is stupid to not compare this cause we cannot know with archon is the bet now !

Thanks Dude!
0 0 [Posted by: Boot  | Date: 05/28/13 03:34:54 AM]
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0 0 [Posted by: winner  | Date: 06/27/15 09:48:33 AM]

With such a great conclusion I'm surprise their ain't any Xbit award given here.

I appreciate the fact that you get optimal results with its default configuration. Quality fans should always be included when paying such a "premium" price.
0 0 [Posted by: MHudon  | Date: 05/29/13 10:13:36 AM]

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0 0 [Posted by: Ashar Arain  | Date: 08/24/15 03:13:25 PM]

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