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GELID The Black Edition CPU Cooler Review: Man in Black

Started by: Boot | Date 05/28/13 06:50:57 AM
Comments: 24 | Last Comment:  11/08/15 11:22:58 PM

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DEAR XBITS LABS looking at the cooling efficiency chart,
it appear that it make not very much sense to see so different noise level with fan speed variation

Could you make a test @ 35dB and 45dB it will allow a much more clear competition!


0 0 [Posted by: Boot  | Date: 05/28/13 06:50:57 AM]

Unfortunately many folks miss the fact that 1-2C means absolutely nothing in regards to actual system performance. In addition how each of the top 10 HSFs perform in your PC case with other hardware than the test set-up used here, can be different from what the results are in the tests performed in Sergey's test set-up. Any of the top 10 HSFs will serve folks well and your CPU will never perform one bit different no matter which HSF of the top 10 that you use. Just pick the one that meets your budget and is eye candy to you and you're good to go.

BTW Sergey, you are still using about 10x the TIM you should be using. Most people do the same thing. You could wipe all of the TIM off the HSF shown in the pics after it was mounted then remount it on the CPU a second time and still have 5x the TIM desired.

TIM is a thermal INSULATOR compared to metal to metal contact between the heatsink and CPU/GPU heat spreader. TIM is only meant to fill the microscopic imperfections in the two surfaces, i.e. minute scratches. TIM is NOT meant to be on the entire surface of the CPU and heatsink. If the majority of the two surfaces is not bare metal after installing and removing the HSF after 20 minutes or so, then you are using WAY too much TIM. The remaining TIM should be so thin that you can see thru it and it should only actually be in a few tiny spots on the surfaces.
1 1 [Posted by: beenthere  | Date: 05/28/13 07:01:58 AM]
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If there's HSF Review, I'm sure there's also your comment. I don't mind that but it's a bit annoying because all of them almost just repetition. If you mind what Xbit's test method, why don't you make your own website and test by yourself. Just use whatever method and scoring point you'd love. Don't forget to use your lovely "Aegir" as comparison.
2 0 [Posted by: jpunk  | Date: 05/28/13 07:29:38 PM]
beenthere's comments are in fact quite usefull for those who read them for the first time. What I've read up there are facts and usefull recommendations that might benefit someone searching infos on this particular Gelid cooler.

Also, too much TIM will alter slightly the efficiency of the cooler, but makes it easier to check the thermal imprint. A necessary bad in this case maybe? At least, Sergey's constant in the quantity he use.

I think we're all here posting comments on Xbit website for one good reason. It contains a treasure of tests data, very usefull recommandations. As a bonus, serious readers take the time to post usefull interpretations and point of views on this data. Ya got to respect that!

BTW Sergey, just like you did for the Archon, I would have liked to see how the Gelid performed with the Corsair AF140mm fans. Keep up the good work guys!
0 0 [Posted by: MHudon  | Date: 05/29/13 09:57:25 AM]
Another excellent Heat sink article by Xbitlabs. I could not agree more with Jpunk. The constant, whining about absolutely nothing is old. The TIM process has been explained numerous times yet "beenthere" chooses to ignore the reasoning. Once again here is the explanation: He uses more than a normal amount of TIM to show the pressure pattern in photographs.

0 0 [Posted by: The_Smurph  | Date: 05/30/13 09:29:10 AM]
Sergey has articles for "value" coolers that compare against the best value cooler. People spending over $40 either was the best looking cooler, or the best performing cooler. If they want the best looking cooler like you then why would the read a review site. If they want to overclock to the max, his section on maximum overclock is very useful. Of course none of this matters to you beenthere, because you ignore all benchmarks that aren't in AMD's favor. If your going to make all these "well 1-2 c doesn't matter" arguments then why not just buy an apple computer, as what does anything matter? A few extra hundred dollars? what does it matter. Why does this site exist when no performance metrics matter to you.

I agree the amount of TIM in the pictures is more then appropriate, but he may use a bunch for the thermal imprint picture, then redo it with less. As Mhudson said, as long as he is consistent it is not an issue, and if "most people" do it that way then his reviews are tailored for what most people will experience.
1 0 [Posted by: cashkennedy  | Date: 05/29/13 11:19:51 AM]

I have noticed that none of the recent coolers have been able to overclock the cpu past the lowest bracket. It is possible that long term use of your CPU at an elevated voltage has caused it to degrade. Have you retested the max overclock using the phanteks or another cooler in the top bracket to make sure it can still overclock that high?
0 0 [Posted by: cashkennedy  | Date: 05/29/13 11:21:06 AM]

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