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Discussion on Article:
Intel Core i7-4770K CPU Review. Intel Haswell for Desktops: Ruin of Our Hopes?

Started by: turtle | Date 06/01/13 12:36:47 PM
Comments: 66 | Last Comment:  11/29/16 07:57:53 AM

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stock everything, im not seeing those nuclear hot temps you are on air cooling. i hard coded a vcore 1.12 a little over the max you were seeing in your standard clock settings while running linx-avx, but i hover around 60C on all cores under load on core i7 4770.
0 0 [Posted by: Dr_b_  | Date: 06/15/13 10:40:32 AM]

Intel Haswell and Win 8 = Marriage made in Heaven :-)
0 0 [Posted by: USAFANG67  | Date: 06/22/13 04:29:09 AM]

This seems to be a strange way to go when there are a limited number of programs or for that matter no O/S commercially available which can even use 1/2 of the capability of these new chips. The market for high end o/s and power users is declining faster than a speeding bullet. I would like to have one but with Win 8 being such an unattractive and clunky O/S whilst win 7 is nice and user friendly, the makers of O/S's are leaving high end user and advanced CPU's to their own devices and the only alternative for power users is to go to open source O/S's to get even a small chance of using the computational power of the hardware.
0 0 [Posted by: tedstoy  | Date: 07/02/13 03:50:20 PM]

Not that impressed, doesn't make me want to upgrade in the slightest. Will be interesting to see what happens with prices etc once more stuff comes out.

I'm gonna stay with my Core i7-3930K
0 0 [Posted by: Hans Hemmings  | Date: 07/13/13 09:45:13 AM]

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