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Discussion on Article:
Choice of Champions: Asus ROG MATRIX 7970 3 GB Graphics Card Review

Started by: beck2448 | Date 06/07/13 05:03:58 PM
Comments: 6 | Last Comment:  07/12/13 03:08:20 PM

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WHere's the 780?
1 0 [Posted by: beck2448  | Date: 06/07/13 05:03:58 PM]
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The review is ready. In the next few days we will publish.
1 0 [Posted by: Jordan  | Date: 06/07/13 10:09:34 PM]

What happened to overclocked performance?
0 0 [Posted by: Margarita Gomez  | Date: 06/15/13 08:40:09 AM]

In light of this problem, I don't know that I'd buy any Asus video cards right now. It doesn't seem like they're addressing design problems, or customer service issues. Here is the initial thread, and the OP also posted one on ASUS's own rog forums, without problem being resolves. It's been over a month at this point.
I can't say I'd want my video card to catch fire.
0 0 [Posted by: Don Bergmann  | Date: 07/12/13 03:08:20 PM]


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