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Discussion on Article:
Samsung 840 Pro and Samsung 840 Solid State Drives Review

Started by: beenthere | Date 06/07/13 08:23:50 PM
Comments: 25 | Last Comment:  11/29/16 07:46:11 AM


As with GPU cards, benches do not always tell the true story of performance in real world apps. Each SSD makers just like their GPU cousins has figured out how to write algorithms that generate higher benche results tahn actual performance.

That being said 99% of consumers could not actually tell the difference in performance between the fastest SATA III SSD and the slowest SATA II SSD. What consumers should be looking for in most cases is a reliable SSD that doesn't have compatibility issues, has a reputable warranty and is priced reasonably. Finding the few SSDs that might meet these requirements is not easy.

People should check not just reviews but customer service and actual user experiences before jumping in to any SSD because many still have issues and getting them resolved can be a costly experience when you're the un-paid beta tester...
1 2 [Posted by: beenthere  | Date: 06/07/13 08:23:50 PM]

That was a necessary addition to the table.
0 0 [Posted by: Shinshin  | Date: 06/09/13 10:49:11 PM]

Running 4 i7-3770K desktops w/32GB RAM; 256GB Samsung 840 Pro; 64-bit Win8 ... (various SATA3 + SATA2 HDs and burners) ...

On several machines I've taken an old SSD (Agility 3, for example), configured it as B: drive (i.e., any random drive letter), and used it to collect temp/swap files. That would be pagefile.sys and hiberfil.sys most notably, but also for regular apps. (Sort of like a flash ReadyBoost from Win7.)

Seems to be clean and fast; with 32GB RAM the page file shouldn't be accessed frequently if at all, but I've noticed Win systems seem to complain a lot if you completely exclude the page files.

I'm wondering if in general terms there's better use of this "free" low-speed memory caching? My primary objective was to get these garbage files off the Samsung 840 Pro. Comments welcome.
0 0 [Posted by: jginnane  | Date: 06/12/13 06:27:03 AM]

Hi Ilya,

Thank you for another real pro review. I have a question if you please. I have a 256GB 840 Pro for which Samsung's Magician [SM] v4.0 was installed. A couple of days ago, this Infinitising Korean spymaster pops-up his head and asked whether one would like Magician v4.1 - and that is with everything disabled. How powerfully interruptus Infintisers are.

After 2 days of harrasment, I gave in and installed Magician v4.1 On rebooting v4.1, the SM "Disk Drive" homepage does not display the Drive Health ["Good"], Total Bytes Written [xTB], Free Space [yGB] and Used Space [zGB]. Reverting to v4.0 does bring everything back to normal. Should you be able to, could you confirm that there are issues with SM v4.1? It sure looks like this Apple butt sniffer needs to double up its efforts at being a proper toothfairy. Will remove SM in any case.
0 0 [Posted by: cummulus  | Date: 06/19/13 11:29:37 AM]


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