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Discussion on Article:
Imagination Technologies Vows to Deliver Server-Class MIPS IP in 2014.

Started by: TAViX | Date 09/02/13 09:22:53 PM
Comments: 3 | Last Comment:  09/04/13 03:59:49 AM


Anton, what happened to the FORUM?? Why it was removed??
0 0 [Posted by: TAViX  | Date: 09/02/13 09:22:53 PM]

And like PowerVR, they promise to make sure us filthy unwashed open source masses have zero ability to use a single ounce of anything they release!

MIPS is still a favorite in colleges & universities because it's simple, and it was open enough that it could be discussed. Imagination Technologies is a lead offender in making closed products no one but their well-monied friends can write drivers for, which is quite a contrast. It'll be interesting to see going forwards whether Imagination continues selling MIPS widely, and whether it maintains it's broadly good driver situation. The best possible case is that Imagination gets religion and starts to release open documentation, the worst case is that MIPS becomes alike PowerVR- unusable to open source.
0 0 [Posted by: rektide  | Date: 09/03/13 12:45:53 AM]

Hmmm, a 64-bit server class MIPS core. Are they going to call it R10000? (for the historically challenged: SGI/MIPS did very capable server cores back in the 80s and 90s, culminating in the R10000 and its derivatives).

In response to the comment about MIPS being a favorite in academia, I think that comes down to two things:

1. The Hennessy and Patterson (a.k.a. H&P) architecture texts are de facto standards at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.

2. The "DLX" instruction set in the H&P texts is basically MIPS. That isn't surprising when you consider that John Hennessy was the founder of both MIPS (the Stanford research project) and MIPS (the company).
0 0 [Posted by: patrickjchase  | Date: 09/04/13 03:59:49 AM]


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