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Discussion on Article:
Nvidia Quadro vs. AMD FirePro: Review of Professional Graphics Cards with Kepler and Southern Islands Architectures

Started by: tsmithf | Date 09/03/13 12:25:32 PM
Comments: 134 | Last Comment:  11/29/16 07:21:01 AM


Great job in comparing pro graphics cards in such a thorough report, it's always difficult getting up to date comparisons to enable an informed choice, so your efforts are greatly appreciated by us pro's that spend so much on this one piece of kit.

It would be nice however if the benchmarking suites could be a little more up to date at well, although it's useful to see the relative performance in your pro application of choice, 3DS Max here, it is in this case slightly less useful using a 4 generation old version, particularly in the case of 3DS Max with the introduction of the Nitrous driver in 3DS Max 2012 and it's continued development since.

In the specific case of 3DS Max without Nitrous benchmarks the comparisons are a little difficult to apply to real world usage.

However the report is otherwise appreciated.
0 0 [Posted by: tsmithf  | Date: 09/03/13 12:25:32 PM]

Xbit guys should have included "old" generation cards as well, just to compare how they stick against "new" ones.
0 0 [Posted by: tamanposla  | Date: 09/08/13 03:35:46 PM]


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