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More on Haswell: Core i5-4670K, Core i5-4670, Core i5-4570 and Core i5-4430 Processors Review

Started by: holmanextremo | Date 09/25/13 05:09:51 AM
Comments: 128 | Last Comment:  09/01/16 05:50:18 PM

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They seems to be really powerful!!

Great review guys!!
0 1 [Posted by: holmanextremo  | Date: 09/25/13 05:09:51 AM]

Still waiting for a REAL development in CPU. Until AMD decides to step up to the plate in performance, Intel will keep just coasting. I still run 4.1Ghz 920 as all real world testing show nothing to gain from newer one which is very lame but good in away.
1 0 [Posted by: shaolin95  | Date: 10/10/13 12:20:04 AM]
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Intel cannot do it, not from an technological standpoint, but an economical one. All their massive R&D into fabs and x86 since Conroe had only resulted into overselling CPU power into most consumers. They can easily made 8 core mainstream by now but they know very well doing so would make it much much harder to get people off their old but still very powerful chips. That's the main reason for the pathetic improvements in Core chips and why they ditched tick-tock and full steam ahead into mobile.
0 1 [Posted by: Randomguy  | Date: 11/09/13 02:44:36 AM]

I'm totally satisfied with my 2500K Sandy Bridge. I run it at 4.25 GHz 24/7 with a decent air cooler (CM V8 120mm) so temps are always low and performance is on par with a non OCed i7 3770. When you consider OCd performance and price, it's really hard to beat the 2500K. Add a decent SSD to an OCd i5 2500K system and you'll be hard pressed to find a better 'bang for the buck' system.
0 0 [Posted by: Zaxx  | Date: 10/18/13 11:20:17 AM]

How could this be? The maximum TDP states in the specification of i5-4430 ( is 84W.
But your tests show power consumption of 136W.
What am I missing here?
0 0 [Posted by: dor  | Date: 10/22/13 03:23:08 AM]
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The 136W shown here is the total system power not just the CPU. This includes other components in the system like motherboard, drives, etc. I hope that clears things up for you.
0 0 [Posted by: iLLz  | Date: 10/27/13 03:32:18 AM]

Maybe intel have done AMD a favour with Haswont, unless you really have to build a new 'pooter there is absolutely no reason to downgrade err I mean upgrade to Haswont which also need a new chipset/mobo
1 0 [Posted by: alpha0ne  | Date: 10/28/13 03:33:40 AM]

Very good review, thanks a lot!

I currently have a Sandy Bridge 2600K stock and started researching Broadwell and Haswell thinking on upgrading. Indeed Haswell is a big disappointment and not worthy at all to upgrade.

Let's face 2 facts. 1, M$ isn't making Windows sunk more resources from hardware while Intel during late 2000's made great fastest AMD64 CPUs. We usually don't need more CPU power AT ALL. I used to overlock my PCs for over a year, until I bought my SandyBridge system and never bothered to upgrade it. Now I'm thinking on bying a nonK i5. With exception to dwm.exe and a few bad developed apps, most of time my CPU is idle and I NEVER feel it struggling in any situation, so a QuadCore i5 with no HT is perfect for me. But of course, I won't spend upgrading it if I don't get (from this i5 compared to my SandyBridge) some good performance enhancement or some great power efficience.

And 2, with no need for more CPU power, PC users aren't upgrading, while Android users upgrade their toys 2 or 3 times a year! ARM and Android are big threat for WIntel, so of course they will spit in our face and focus on that market, if possible forcing us to move to it too.

Well I'm gonna wait for delayed-Broadwell benchmarks to decide if it's worthy or if I should wait for 2018-Skylake.
0 0 [Posted by: Hikari  | Date: 01/01/14 07:37:01 PM]

I was wondering. If the I5s for the Haswell platform cannot be overclocked,how it is that the use of 2100 DDR3 is reached as a specification. Seen in your test setup. Noting that most motherboards seen with the Haswell,(or at least those I've looked at - probably the cheaper ones),say simply 1600mhz DDR3. I've noticed in some reviews use of the XMP type settings in some of the reviews.

thanks even though this may be answered in another article.
0 0 [Posted by: Chorus Of Jeers  | Date: 01/18/14 05:06:21 AM]

does the power consumption test include graphics card? i'm in need of information abount i5 4750s power consumption, since it's only 100mhz lower than i5 4430 and with a turbo of 3,6ghz i was wondering if i could fit in a picopsu 160xt 160w machine with a 750ti
0 0 [Posted by: Emil Johan Majani  | Date: 03/29/14 10:58:16 AM]


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