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Discussion on Article:
DisplayLink Connects 4K UHD Displays Using USB 3.0.

Started by: TAViX | Date 01/11/14 05:59:22 AM
Comments: 5 | Last Comment:  04/03/14 04:32:08 AM

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Question is, how many Hz is the output? 30Hz? 60Hz? Can do more?
1 0 [Posted by: TAViX  | Date: 01/11/14 05:59:22 AM]
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Thunderbolt not required.
0 1 [Posted by: linuxlowdown  | Date: 01/11/14 11:22:05 PM]
This doesn't allow daisy chaining, nor external PCIe peripheral.
0 0 [Posted by: trumpet-205  | Date: 01/12/14 07:22:17 PM]

What a bunch of fuckers. They continue ignoring the USB A/V specification and writing proprietary bullshit with awful OS support. They advertised Linux support for their DL-3000 line and then wrote a nastygram in the forums telling people asking for it they didn't deserve it.

Someone needs to build some USB A/V chipsets based on H264 and give these un-honest tarts some healthy competition!

It made me so happy that Mac OSX Mavericks irrevocably broke their driver's accelerated path & turned the experience to shit. That's what you get for being closed source proprietary junk!

My opinion would change on a dime if and only if they provide the open source community - doing such good work with DRM nodes in Linux - enough means to develop open source drivers, get by their locked down proprietary drivers. I still hope USB A/V - the actual standard that does what these profiteers make proprietary - chipsets become available, but it would be nice if the massive slew of products out there now were something the open source world could advance the use of, and do cool things with.

DisplayLink! How could you?
3 0 [Posted by: rektide  | Date: 01/11/14 11:10:39 AM]
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You're right - it's terrible they as a company continue to produce this garbage, marketing it to clueless OEM's that forget there are entire ecosystems outside of windows, like mac and linux. Every time I look at a laptop and they only offer this "great usb3.0 dock solution with video" I cringe, as it's useless to me under linux. They're truly the only game in town as well, which is even worse.

Shame on such a company, their driver is no more secure under windows than it'd be under linux. They totally miss the entire embedded market out of cluelessness. Tell the media cartels to shove hdcp up their arses and just release a driver already.
0 0 [Posted by: Mike Butash  | Date: 04/03/14 04:32:08 AM]


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