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Discussion on Article:
High Definition 3D: 120Hz Monitors from Acer and LG

Started by: SAJ | Date 01/30/14 03:41:47 AM
Comments: 14 | Last Comment:  12/21/15 11:52:57 AM


We are using monitors for measuring human response to visual stimulation and have previously used CRT monitors. They have basically zero delay from electrical input to changed light.

With LCD monitors we get an additional delay as you describe here concerning pixel delay black->white and white->black. But on some monitors we also get an extra delay, what I would call pre-processing delay of one frame (16.6 mSec at 16 Hz).

With our equipment we can both control the electrical output to the monitor and record the light at the focus point using a photo sensor at a resolution of 0.02 milliseconds.

This preprocessing delay is much larger than the pixel delay, and must be annoying to the PC gamers too. Are'nt they shot dead before they can shoot back? . So maybe we have a common case to fight for here?

Do you measure these delays?
best regards, Sven
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