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Discussion on Article:
Sony to Spin Off TV Business, Set to Concentrate on High-End Models.

Started by: zodiacfml | Date 02/10/14 01:23:08 AM
Comments: 6 | Last Comment:  02/11/14 06:44:03 PM

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To Sony, help yourselves by making 4K content. To do that, you should produce 4K camera equipment that are reasonably priced.

For now, it seems that Panasonic is ahead with their GH4.
1 1 [Posted by: zodiacfml  | Date: 02/10/14 01:23:08 AM]

Sony should make a High end TV with a Playstation built-in.
1 1 [Posted by: linuxlowdown  | Date: 02/10/14 04:15:21 AM]

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1 4 [Posted by: TAViX  | Date: 02/10/14 08:48:48 AM]
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Agreed! next news: Sony to sell everything and continue as a trolling company....
0 2 [Posted by: mosu  | Date: 02/11/14 02:52:54 AM]
I disagree. I own a hi-end Sony 46" TV circa 2012. It was assembled in China. I had to cart it myself in my small hatchback 2000km across Australia when I moved. It has been used in harsh tropical conditions of +40 degree heat and 95% humidity. I've not had any problems whatsoever. In Australia, Sony is perhaps 20% more expensive than the other brands. But I believe their Motion Flow technology is the best. Sony has the best reputation in my country, amongst the mainstream brands, in TV and audio. But it is definitely on the wane as Samsung and the other up and coming Chinese brands are starting to make more of an impact.
1 1 [Posted by: linuxlowdown  | Date: 02/11/14 06:44:03 PM]

This is what the Italians did with suits and design and it works for them.
1 0 [Posted by: tedstoy  | Date: 02/11/14 06:12:10 AM]


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